• Memo board made of acrylic glass - How to stay on top of things easily

    Designing a modern memo board yourself

    Organizing notes and appointments with a “pin board” made of acrylic glass

    Notes, receipts, appointment slips, and invoices or beautiful postcards and snapshots of family and friends – in a short time many small notes and papers accumulate. To make sure they are not lost or forgotten, a memo board is the perfect place for all those important and decorative things. A pin board on cork is the classic variant that everyone knows. With an individually designed pin board made of acrylic glass, you can combine your personal favourite photos with a modern, fresh design for your home.

    How to create an individual memo board made of acrylic glass

    Which format to choose for the pin board?

    The first step is to consider where you want to put your new memo board. Measure that space accordingly and then select a suitable format in the ifolor Designer. For printing on acrylic glass, there is a wide selection of different formats and sizes available. Be sure to use the largest possible acrylic board to allow enough room for your favourite photo and notes.

    Which photo is suitable?

    When you choose your photo motives, let yourself be inspired by your vacation and family photos. If you cannot decide which ones to choose, just create a collage with an image editor, an app or directly in the ifolor Designer and use these. There are no limits to your ideas when you compose the memo board. You can place your favourite photo in the middle, in a corner, or divide the memo board into a photo and a note section.

    Give your fancy full scope when you place the picture on the memo board

    How to design the note section of the memo board

    When you design the note section, it is advisable to use a bright, single-colour surface. This allows you to use different colours later when you do the labeling. Of course, a dark background and a light font colour will also bring a great effect. It all depends on your personal taste. Just make sure that the margins or the note section is large enough for the notes and slips of paper. Otherwise, these will later cover your favourite photo. Ideal is a margin of about 8 cm or more.

    In the ifolor Designer – after you have selected the acrylic glass in the right format – you can first insert a suitable background and then add the desired photo. You can move this and change the size individually. Another possibility would be to provide the photo with a suitable note section. For this you can use an image editor (such as canva.com). Create a large, high-resolution template surface and then add your photo. Now you can adjust the photo to the background as you like. Then add the finished image to the ifolor Designer.


    You would like to create a smaller version of the memo board for your desk? Then the DIY note holder is just the right thing for you. Following these instructions, you will be able to make a small, personal note holder from a photo display that stands upright on the desk.

    Time for pasting and labeling – Design ideas for the memo board

    While you’re waiting for your memo board to arrive, which doesn’t take very long, you can already do some preparatory work. We have put together a few ideas for possible materials that you will need to pin your notes and slips of paper and to label the memo board.

    • small wooden clips
    • colourful decorative bands
    • photo stickers
    • pens, e.g. chalk pencils in bright colours
    • self-adhesive notes
    • a ruler
    • a cloth for wiping the glass

    The small wooden clips are perfect for attaching photos, cards, receipts, etc. on the margin of your pin board. If you like it a bit more colourful, you can buy coloured clips or paint them just as the fancy takes you. With the colourful Photo stickers you will give the memo board an even more individual touch. The stickers make the clips and bands look more beautiful, or they are good for sticking notes to the pin board.

    Attach a colourful, matching decorative band tightly to the sides of the memo board so you can get a small pocket in which you can slide notes and photos. What’s more, you can attach further notes with a clip, depending on the size of the band.

    Pin board made of acrylic glass with clips and notes

    Chalk pencils are perfect for labeling glass. Your notes can also be wiped off easily with a damp cloth. Create a to-do list in the note section, leave a brief message to your family members, or design a small table of important info and appointments. You can also create small drawings with a ruler and pen, and thus make ideal use of the free space.

    With all these little details, your memo board will be a unique highlight in your home. Your self-made pin board is also ideal as a gift for friends and relatives. Have fun making it and writing notes!

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