• Create a Maxicard with a Christmas Carol

    Create a Maxicard with a Christmas Carol

    Sing Together with the Whole Family

    Personalised Christmas cards are always a popular addition to gifts for loved ones. You’ll be sure to bring a smile to the faces of friends and family alike this holiday season with a great photo of an outing together to the Christmas market or a cute snapshot of your children.

    Surprise your loved ones with a very special card and design it with a nice Christmas carol to sing together on Christmas Eve. We’ll show you how it’s done.

    Designing a Maxicard for Christmas Eve

    You can design this very special card for Christmas with ease online. Simply start out by selecting the Maxicard or folded Maxicard from the “photo greeting cards” menu and click on “create online.” The Maxicard comes in A4 format, which will give you plenty of room to add your photos and song text. Then you can select either a portrait or landscape orientation and you’re all ready to begin designing your card. From simple full format templates to playful designs and collages, you’ll have a multitude of different designs at your fingertips to use for your Christmas Maxicard. You’ll also have 30 Christmas-themed designs to choose from including, amongst others, Christmas tree ball ornaments or cute antlers.

    Great Photos with Sentimental Value

    The most important part of a nice Christmas card is, of course, the photos. These will ensure you give the card a personal touch and will make the card memorable. Look through your photos to find nice pictures of shared experiences with the family. The grandparents, of course, would always be happy to see nice photos of their grandchildren.

    screenshot: Create a Maxicard on ifolor

    The Maxicard, with its A4 format, will offer you plenty of room to showcase an especially brilliant photo of the family or you could create a whole collage with up to nine photos. Just choose the corresponding design template. While designing your card, you can upload photos directly from your hard drive and drag and drop them with ease to arrange them on the card.

    Your Favourite Christmas Carol

    Your Favourite Christmas Carol

    It’s sure to be a joyous and memorable occasion singing together on Christmas Eve with the family. Look for your favourite Christmas carol to add to the Maxicard. On the reverse side of the Maxicard (or on the inside of the folded version), you can simply add the song text to the template’s text field. When selecting a font style and size, make sure that the song text is easy to read.

    Tip: If you want to add multiple carols or a carol with multiple stanzas to your card, then it’s best to go with a folded Maxicard since you’ll be able to add text to both sides on the inside of the card. Also make sure that you will have enough Christmas carol cards for everyone present so you won’t have any problems while singing together.

    If the Christmas carol is quite short or when you only want to print one carol on the card, you can also have two people share a card while singing together. Just make sure that the text is large enough and legible.

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