• Make yourself a nice Christmas calendar

    Make yourself a nice Christmas calendar

    A Christmas calendar full of surprises tells you that Christmas is getting closer day by day. Make yourself a nice Christmas calendar for your children, spouse, loved one or even for your own pleasure - you deserve it. See easy instructions here and enjoy the anticipation of the approaching Christmas.

    Making a Christmas calendar is easy. You will need these:

    • 24 retro photos
    • 24 paper bags (sold in craft shops, also online)
    • 24 clothes pegs
    • 24 surprises in bags

    Tips for calendar surprises

    You can even put candy, movie tickets, toys, gift cards, gingerbread, legos, cosmetics, jewelry, flower seed bags, yarn, picture gifts in calendar bags… Personal, intangible promises are also gratifying, such as “I take the dog out on Sundays” month ”and“ Thursday is Lollipop Day ”. Let your imagination fly and fill your bags with lovely little surprises.

    A different retro photo every day

    An important part of the Christmas calendar is the image on the bag. Is the image a hint of content or a joke image or a memory of last year’s coincidences? Make 24 retro photos of your good and relevant photos. The square-shaped white-edged 10 x 10 cm images are vintage-inspired and the bottom of the image fits well to write that date or even a riddle about the contents of the bag. Retro images are easy and fast to order by phone.


    The Christmas mug fits in a calendar bag

    Surprise your loved ones with personalized photo gifts that appear on your calendar. For example, a specially designed Mug with your own nice image is a gift that will be a joy for a long time, even years to come. The mug can have a picture of an important family event, last Christmas, or whatever, which is sure to delight the opener of the calendar door. 24. The “hatch” may also be a little larger in size, suggesting a special surprise on the eve.


    Coasters are nice little surprises

    Convenient sets of 4 or 8 pieces of coasters are a great new idea for calendar surprises. The image of each coaster may be different and you can put the coats in calendar bags one or more per day. A nice whole brings fun or elegance to the table setting, depending on what kind of pictures you choose and what the recipient of the surprise likes.


    A framed picture tells of caring

    Think of that happy look when a framed picture of an important moment appears on the Christmas calendar, the door opener itself, or even a family’s beloved pet. A photo framed in frames brings joy and warm feelings to the surface whenever you look at the image. Choose a frame that can be found at home or bought from a store - a stylish option is also an acrylic frame that can be placed vertically and horizontally.

    DIY Advent calendar with photo stickers

    In our video, we also show you a great DIY idea for an Advent calendar with photo stickers: an Advent calendar that can be personalised with ifolor photo stickers. Take a look and let yourself be inspired. 

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