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    Perpetuating Summer Moments with the ifolor app

    An app with many possibilities – Ideas and tips for your summer memories

    Trips, bike rides, excursions, or beautiful sunsets will always entice you to take pictures with the smartphone. With the free ifolor app you can create great photo products using your smartphone on the move. so your summer moments will never be forgotten.

    Trips – Surprise the family with individual postcards

    A postcard is a classic among holiday souvenirs. Friends and family are happy that you have thought of them. Turn your most beautiful holiday photos into individual postcards with a personal message to the recipient. Simply select one or more photos in the app, edit them as you wish and provide them with a message and the address. In this way, your postcard is already traveling and you can enjoy your holidays.


    Creative photos are a matter of perspective and the right light. Our “10 tips for unforgettable holiday photos” will give you some inspiration for your photo postcard.

    Directly send postcards designed by the ifolor app

    Pets –Transform your favourite moments into a wall decoration

    Summer is the time to do things outside in the fresh air. Whether on a long hike, a walk, or a visit to a garden – there is always something to discover in nature. Our four-legged friends also enjoy the time outdoors, romping in the fragrant grass or cooling off in the water. This is when many unique snapshots of your pet emerge. If you have just taken your absolute favorite photo of your pet, you can turn it into a great wall decoration the next moment. Simply order with the ifolor app and decorate the apartment with your favorite picture a few days later.

    Summer, sun, and fun in the water: preserve your holiday highlights on digital prints

    Nothing is more fun in the summer than spending time at and in the water; diving, playing with water toys, and maybe even a few water-bombs. With the right music and refreshing drinks, you quickly get into a jolly mood that is perfectly captured in photos. Images of sparkling water, funny grimaces, and smiling faces quickly accumulate on the smartphone. With the ifolor app, you can easily and quickly order photo prints in various sizes. The detour via the computer is eliminated and within no time at all, the photos are in your hands. You can then give them as a gift, frame them, or use them as a summer decoration.

    Perpetuate summer moments from photo products using the app by ifolor

    Outdoor activities – Photo gifts as a reminder for the office

    Summer and the outdoors simply belong together. Whether it be hiking, climbing, cycle touring in a new place, crystal clear mountain lakes, or simply a photo from a great look-out point. After a great trip, the photos have accumulated and the memories are still fresh. On the way home, you can use a spare moment to make your friends a nice souvenir. The app makes it easy to create your photo gifts, such as a photo mug. For sure the recipient can take the great outdoor memories to the office and remember their favorite moments over a cup of coffee.

    My summer – The summer moments calendar as a companion throughout the year

    When the leaves slowly become brown and the days grow shorter, it’s time to review the summer. When you click through the photo collection on your smartphone, you will discover some of your favorite moments captured in a beautiful photo. A photo calendar can shorten the time until the next summer. To do this, select your thirteen favorite photos from your smartphone and transfer them to the ifolor app. Here you can quickly and easily create a wall calendar and place it on the wall a little later.

    Using the ifolor app, you can design calendars directly with your smartphone

    First day at school – Capturing a special event in a booklet

    When summer is slowly coming to an end, some children are about to start school. This event is captured with photos of the little school starter and the family. A special gift for the beginning of school and an unforgettable memory of this milestone is a booklet with photos of the first day at school. Simply transform the photos into a beautiful souvenir with the ifolor app that very evening!


    The booklet is created quickly and easily with the ifolor app. In this article you will find tips and design options for the booklet.

    Download the app from ifolor on your smartphone and perpetuate your summer pictures and favourite moments on creative photo memories.

    We wish you a lot of fun with photography and design.

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