• Hipstamatic - the charm of retro pictures on your smartphone

    Hipstamatic - the charm of retro pictures on your smartphone

    Timelessly nostalgic photography

    Admittedly, it's wonderful to simply be able to whip out your mobile phone for any sudden photo inspiration. Photography has become more mobile and spontaneous thanks to mobile phones - and no longer at the expense of quality!

    The digital world usually does not create itself, however - but tries to capture the charm and flair of analogue photography.

    Hipstamatic - the charm of retro pictures on your smartphone

    Back to the future

    That is also what brothers Bruce and Winston Dorbowski from Wisconsin (USA) thought back in 2010.

    With the Hipstamatic app, they transferred the feeling of the 80s to mobile phone photography.

    The app for Apple and Android devices has been selling phenomenally for the past 2 years and it's being developed more and more all the time.

    Several million downloads have already been registered, and since 2010 the colourful, nostalgic digital images can be found everywhere.

    This is particularly thanks to the ease of use and the numerous ways to edit photos.

    Hipstamatic - the charm of retro pictures on your smartphone

    With only a few settings the camera can be adjusted so that lens, film and flash settings are flexibly interchangeable.

    The photographer can choose between four different lenses as well as three films and flash settings in the standard pack.

    Moreover, ten different fee-required additional packs can be installed within the app. An even greater selection of lenses, flash versions and other interchangeable camera components are available as a result.

    The software reveals even more options: by shaking the device the individual possibilities are colourfully intermixed, whereby an unplanned composition emerges – a kind of photographic random generator.

    Sharing = caring

    In addition to the sharing function, which makes it possible to share pictures via social networks as well as per e-mail, images can also be marked in a site-specific manner and bundled on a map with the new cluster function.

    Incidentally, the colourful retro images can also be optimally made on canvases (e.g. 40x40 cm photo canvas) and in photo books (such as photo book Deluxe, 21x21 cm) from ifolor.

    The competitions which Hipstamatic regularly announces also have an appeal. The user can publish photos for specific mottos. Depending on which purposes Hipstamatic is applied and which preferences the use has, additional effects (1 CHF) are also worthwhile. Other additional options such as the retro camera settings are more expensive, but very comprehensive.

    Hipstamatic is not necessarily a must for every hobby photographer. But whoever seeks not only high gloss, lives the flair and the colours of analogue photography and wants to photograph through the area in a mobile way will love this app. Then 2 CHF are an investment well made in the joy of photography.

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