Cookie Policy

Cookies are small data files which are stored in the browser of your computer while it visits our web sites. Cookies support the functions of our service, by retaining your entries during a session or during an order process and by saving certain user settings. They also assist us with analysing the way our services are used, in order to design them as convenient and efficient as possible for our users.

We apply session cookies and permanent cookies. In addition, partner and affiliate cookies are employed. Session cookies remain stored only for the duration of a visit of our web sites, and are automatically deleted while closing the browser.

Permanent cookies remain on your computer until you delete them or their duration expires. They memorise anonymous information relating to users who repeatedly take access to one of our web sites. This helps us to offer optimised user guidance, and to recognise and distinguish one user from others, in order to maintain that user’s personal settings, simplify the user experience on the web site, and provide each user with customised contents and pages. These cookies are not designed to actually identify users. Such cookies are also implemented for purposes of anonymised web analytics.

Partner and affiliate cookies are employed where a user takes access to our services via a platform of one of our partners (e.g. an advertising display). They serve for accounting with such partners, do not contain personal data of the user, and are deleted once the user registers on our user interface, or upon expiry of the pre-set duration.

The application of cookies can normally be avoided, restricted, or connected with a notice to the user by corresponding settings in your browser. The help manual of your browser will instruct you what to do. Please note, however: Some cookies are essential for the use of our web site, or of certain functions. If they are disabled, you may not be able to pass through the order process, and you may have to accept restrictions in display and user guidance. Please also note that there may be no possibility of disabling cookies when accessing our user interfaces by other means than through a browser, for instance, through mobile devices.

Below is a list of the session cookies and permanent cookies which we employ, and their functions:

Name of the Cookies
Ifc Order
Session his cookie allows to recognise the client during the order process.
The cookie is a session cookie and is deleted when the browser is closed.
Upload Status This cookie memorises the status and results of a test of upload methods, which is performed during a visit of our upload page, so that our software does not have to perform this time-consuming test at every further visit.
 These cookies have a limited duration of 20 days.
CookieEnabled Session This cookie verifies if the user has enabled the placement of cookies.
The cookie is a session cookie and is deleted when the browser is closed.
WT_FPC Webtracking Cookie - Webtrends This cookie collects information about how our web site is used. Based on this information, we improve our web presence. The information collected by this cookie is anonymous; it includes the number of users attaining to our web site and the pages they accessed. The cookie serves to distinguish a user by an anonymous identification code, does not process personal data of the user, and is applied in confidence to improve the web sites.
This cookie has a limited duration of 2 years.