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    Photo Flip - All of baby's photos are beautiful

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    from 13.55 from 16.95 per-item
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    from 13.55 from 16.95 per-item
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    • Format: 12.5x16.7xcm
    • 250 g/m² silk-matt paper
    • 13 pages on a cardboard stand
    • Printable on front and back side
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    Photo Flip

    It is not easy to part with your newborn and return to work. The yearning to see their little face again is great. Give the parent a special treat with up to 25 of the most beautiful baby photos in a unique photo display, so they can always see their baby, even at work. With the photo flip, you can always put another picture in the limelight to make your workday a happier and cuter one.

    Price Overview

    Photo Flip

    Self-standing, 24 pages plus cover sheet, 16.7x12.5 cm
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    Self-standing, 24 pages plus cover sheet, 12.5x16.7 cm
    Trial price
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    About the product:

    Photo Flip - Silk matt look

    Silk matt look Thanks to high-quality digital printing and the silk-matt surface, your favourite photos are shown off at their best in the Photo Flip photo album book. The thick 250 g/m² paper gives the pages of your Photo Flip extra stability, so that they will last for years.

    Photo Flip - 25 full-page photos to turn

    25 full-page photos to turn The Photo Flip book offers you space for a total of 25 photos, which are printed on both sides of 13 pages. You always have a picture too look at on each side of the Photo Flip. If you want to see a different photo, you can simply turn the pages or flip them over.

    Photo Flip - With fold-out stand

    With fold-out stand To ensure that your Photo Flip always stands securely, it comes with sturdy cardboard stand. Simply unfold it and place your slideshow in view - perfect for a desk, windowsill, or shelf.

    As individual as you:

    Photo Flip - Changeable desk decoration

    Changeable desk decoration

    Want to add some charm to your workspace? Create a colourful Photo Flip of your favourite moments with friends, family, or even pets. Your unforgettable memories of holidays or fun experiences also fit perfectly into the Photo Flip and provide a lovely personal touch to your desk.

    Photo Flip - Gift idea for grandparents

    Gift idea for grandparents

    Collect the 25 best photos of your children and family and preserve them in a fantastic Photo Flip to give as a gift for grandparents. You'll find different layouts that you can choose per page or for the entire desk flip book. You can also add captions or comments to the photos to create even more personalised memories.

    Fotoflip - Inspirational sayings & quotes

    Inspirational sayings & quotes

    In the kitchen, on the bookshelf or on the desk – motivational sayings and quotes enrich your everyday life and provide inspiration. With a self-designed photo album book, you unite your most beautiful memory photos with your favourite sayings!

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