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Photo memo 48 Cards

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  • 48 cards (24 photos)
  • 6x6 cm cards
  • Tough and durable cardboard
  • Box included
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Product Details

Choose 24 of your favourite photos and print them in pairs- perfect for both young and old alike. We print them in pairs as small, square cards in 6x6 cm format. Thanks to the sturdy card material, the personalised photo card game is ideal for children. The compact memo game comes in a box and is perfect for playing at home and on the go.

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Photo memo

48 Cards
Tough and durable cardboard
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About the product:

Photo Memo using high-quality images

Photo Memo using high-quality images We print your photos onto your custom Memo game using high-quality digital printing. The cards are also covered with a glossy protective laminate that makes your photos shine in rich colour and protects them perfectly.

Compact and durable

Compact and durable The memo game is perfect for travelling, as the small cards are made in a compact 6x6 cm size and sturdy cardboard. The borderless printing gives the cards a modern feel.

Practical box included

Box includedWe deliver your personalised photo memo directly to you in a box. Your memo is securely and sturdily packed - perfect for giving as a gift or for taking along on your next trip, long car journeys and more.

As individual as you:

Design your own animal memory game

Design your own animal memory game

Memory games are a great way for young and old to keep stimulated and train their memory. Kids love animal memory games and one can be found in most households. How about creating an animal memory game using all of your child’s favourite animals? Their own pets, the hedgehog in the garden, the cows from the nearby farm - create a personalised Photo Memo game and surprise your children.
Travel memory game fun with your favourite memories

Travel memory game fun with your favourite memories

As a gift for Mother's Day, birthday, Christmas, Easter, or just because: Surprise your loved ones with a homemade travel memo game made using the best photos of your holiday. Pick out the 24 best photos from your last beach holiday, road trip, or that unforgettable ski weekend for your travel memo. For real travel fans, you can use your 24 favourite travel destinations or sights in your personalised travel memo.
Fun memories for adults

Fun memories for adults

A different kind of fun: create a unique party memo game for the next game night with friends, using your own photos. For example, add some yoga poses or animals to the cards. Whoever has a pair of pictures has to imitate the yoga pose or the animal. Everyone will be laughing at funny impersonations of a hopping frog, waddling duck, or an attempt at a downward dog.