Poster Hanger 51 cm, Black

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  • 22, 31, 41, 51 & 61 cm width
  • 2 cm high and 0.5 cm thick
  • Wooden magnetic strips incl. cord
  • Black, white or natural oak
  • For posters, pictures & photos
Care instructions
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Product Details

The black ifolor poster strip shows off your favourite posters and photos, which will make your wall look very trendy. In just a few simple steps, you can fix the top and bottom edges of your poster into the 51 cm wide magnetic wooden strips and your stylish wall decoration is ready to go. You can hang your poster strip on the provided ribbon - without using any adhesive strips. Thanks to the super easy to use magnetic strips, you can change your picture or poster at any time, for example decorating it with some seasonal designs.

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Poster Hanger 51 cm, Black

Poster Hanger 51 cm, black
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Poster Hanger 51 cm, white
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Poster Hanger 51 cm, oak
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Product description:

Sustainable materials and production

Eco-friendly materials and productionThe wooden strips of your ifolor poster board are made of durable solid wood and will last a very long time. Each strip is 2 cm high and 0.5 cm thick with magnets inside. The lime wood come from an European forest and was manufactured in the EU.

Verschiedene Farben und Formate

Different colours and formatsFor your poster board, you can choose between white or black painted lime wood and oak wood with a natural look. The natural materials give your poster or picture a subtle frame. The poster strips are available in 22, 31, 41, 51 and 61 cm. This only refers to the width of the strips. You can adjust the length as you fix the top and bottom edges of your picture into the magnetic strips.

Note: The colour of the natural oak may slightly vary as it is a natural product.

Replace your picture easily thanks to the magnetic strip

Replace your picture easily thanks to the magnetic stripThe poster strip is perfect for quickly and easily changing your picture at any time. If you want to insert a new photo or poster, you just need to undo the magnetic poster display strips on the edge of the picture. The powerful magnets hold various types of posters and photos in place. You can easily hang your picture on the wall using the included cord, which has an adjustable length.

Note: materials such as cardboard or canvas are too thick for the magnets on the poster strip and they cannot be held securely.

As individual as you:

Presenting the latest works of art

Presenting the latest works of art

Use the poster board to show off your children's creative drawings. Thanks to the easy magnetic poster display, you can hang up the latest masterpiece of the little artist at any time in the blink of an eye - perfect for a unique children's room design.

Decoration for the office

Decoration for the office

For the motivational slogan of the month, a group picture of your colleagues, a cool photo from the last team event or a funny picture for the break room: create an eye-catching display for the office with the poster strip. It’s easy to replace or update and it adds a personal touch to your workplace.

Die schönsten Erinnerungen als Posterleiste verschenken

Keep your best memories on a magnetic poster hanger

Give away the gift of memories, for example a picture you painted for grandma and grandpa, a great portrait or an unforgettable memory for a best friend. Display them with a poster strip. Once the poster hanger is on the wall, the picture can easily be replaced or updated at any time.

Wood origin: Lime wood from Croatia / Oak from USA

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