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    SIGG-Bottle 0.6 l

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    from 25.45 from 29.95 per-item
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    from 25.45 from 29.95 per-item
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    • 0.6l bottle, 21.5 cm high
    • Durable gift for travelling
    • All materials are BPA-free
    • Can be printed with pictures or graphics
    Care instructions
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    The personalised water bottle with your photo is high-quality and as light as a feather; therefore, it is the ideal companion for hikes, on the go or even in the office. It makes sure that you always have your thirst quenched wherever you are. It is even leak-proof with fizzy drinks. The traditional Swiss company SIGG also guarantees that the bottle is made without any harmful (BPA) plasticisers. 

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    SIGG-Bottle 0.6 l
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    About the product:

    SIGG-Bottle - Light but robust

    Light but robust   As the ideal companion for on the go and everyday use, the water bottle needs to be robust to withstand any wear and tear. Your very own personalised water bottle is made out of robust material, but at the same time, it is as light as a feather!  

    SIGG-Bottle - Leak-proof and toxin free

    Leak-proof and toxin free   The high-quality aluminium water bottle is 100 percent leak-proof even with fizzy drinks. Thanks to the carefully selected materials and the modern manufacturing process your SIGG water bottle contains no harmful substances or plasticisers, which does not pose any hazards to food safety.   

    SIGG-Bottle - Customisable

    Customisable   You can design your own water bottle however you like with a photo, a collage, a design or a photo with text.  You will not see any difference in the colour of the water bottle for example if the background is white and there is a logo or a design.  

    As individual as you:

    SIGG-Bottle - Your very own personalised water bottle for on the go 

    Your very own personalised water bottle for on the go

    You will always have a drink with you whether you’re hiking, on days out or in the car. The water bottle is an ideal companion, which you can customise with your favourite photos! You can attach it to your backpack by using the handy screw top. 

    SIGG-Bottle - A handy thirst quencher whilst being active

    A handy thirst quencher whilst being active

    Whether you’re at the gym or outside on a run or on the sports field you can start to feel hot. The sturdy SIGG water bottle with your very own photo is a good way to help you keep up. Whilst keeping active did you forget to put your water bottle down properly or did your water bottle fall over. This is not an issue as it is 100 percent leak-proof, and it can withstand the odd bump here and there.

    SIGG-Bottle - A personal touch for your workplace

    A personal touch for your workplace

    Design your very own water bottle with photos of your favourite memories for your workplace! In contrast to a glass, it is personalised and it’s your very own designed water bottle for the workplace, which reminds you to drink enough water throughout the day.

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