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Easel Calendar With wooden stand

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  • Format: 13x15 cm
  • Select your own start month
  • 290 g/m² textured paper
  • 12 monthly cards plus cover
  • Available with or without stand
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Product Details

The stylish and compact 13x15 cm easel calendar stands firmly anywhere thanks to its simple wooden base. The wooden stand of the modern easel calendar is made of oak wood. Design the twelve-monthly cards and the cover page with your own photos using our templates. Do you already have a stand for your calendar? or do you want to arrange the monthly cards differently? No problem, you can order the easel calendar either with or without the wooden stand.

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Easel Calendar

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Easel Calendar without wood stand, 13x15 cm
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Easel Calendar, 13x15 cm
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About the product:

Sustainable and durable

Environmentally friendly and long-lastingYour desk calendar with wooden base not only looks classy, but is also environmentally friendly. The wooden stand is made of European oak wood and the cards are made of wood-free natural paper. The calendar does not have any plastic and spiral binding. The high-quality materials mean that your easel calendar with last a long time.

Personalised photo cards

Personalised photo cardsWe print each of the monthly cards and the cover of your easel calendar in the highest quality so that your photos shine in rich colours. The wood-free uncoated 290 g/m2 is very robust and gives the paper a unique quality feel. Choose which month you want to start your calendar and enjoy it for 12 months regardless of what month you order.

Optional wooden stand

Optional wooden standThe easel calendar is available either with or without a wooden stand. When ordering, select the oak wood stand to make your calendar easy to place anywhere. Once you have the stand, you only need to create new monthly cards each year and reuse the wooden stand again and again.

As individual as you:

Decorative and space-saving

Decorative and space-saving

You can find a place for the compact easel calendar with a wooden base anywhere. You don’t need to have free wall space. The easel calendar is about the size of a new iPad mini, so it doesn’t take up much room at all. The small wooden stand is perfect for placing your calendar on narrow shelves and is equally at home as a desk decoration.

Versatile presentations

Versatile presentations

The monthly cards let you have 12 chances to be creative in your designs. If you order the easel calendar without a wooden base, you can, for example, staple the cards to a small clipboard at home or hang them in sequence on some string using small wooden pegs.

Tischkalender - Tischkalender individuell mit Fotos und Sprüchen gestalten

Creative use

The easel calendar offers you countless possibilities. At the end of the year, simply use the monthly cards as greeting cards or turn them into a beautiful DIY photo gallery full of memories. There are no limits to your creativity.

Wood origin: Oak wood from EU