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    Tablet/Laptop Sleeve 13"

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    from 24.25 from 26.95 per-item
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    from 24.25 from 26.95 per-item
    from 24.25 from 26.95 per-item
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    • 10, 13, 15 & 17 inch
    • Bag for laptop/tablet
    • Bag for laptop/tablet
    • Black back
    • Edge to edge printing on front
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    Product Details

    Protect your laptop, notebook, or tablet with a self-designed neoprene bag! The universal laptop bag is available in four sizes. The outside of the sleeve is made of neoprene while the soft inner lining protects the display of your tablet or the case of your laptop from scratches. The top of the laptop sleeve is fully printable with your own photo. Perfect for a personalised tablet sleeve or a cool laptop bag with your favourite photo.

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    About the product:

    Laptop Sleeve - Fluffy lining

    Fluffy lining Your customisable photo laptop or tablet sleeve is made with a soft inner lining. This protects against unsightly scratches and marks on the display or the case of your device. In addition, the soft inner lining, together with the neoprene exterior, acts as a protective shock absorber. 

    Laptop Sleeve - High quality and durable

    High quality and durable Neoprene is a very robust and durable material that is ideal for protecting your tablet or laptop during everyday transport. The neoprene exterior is dirt and water repellent and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

    Laptop Sleeve - Easy to open

    Easy to open To ensure that your laptop or tablet is always within easy reach and can be stowed away just as quickly, the ifolor Photo Tablet / Laptop Sleeve (from the 13-inch size upwards) is equipped with a practical two-way zip - no fiddling with Velcro or buttons. The smallest bag with 10 inches has a normal zip.

    What size bag do I need for my laptop/tablet?

    We recommend that you measure the exact size of your laptop or tablet. Then compare these measurements with the case size in the table. This will help you find the right size for your laptop/tablet.


    Case size Maximum length x height of laptop/tablet Examples of compatible devices*
    10“ 23.5x18.5 cm Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, 8.70";
    Apple iPad mini 2021 (6. Gen), 8.30"
    13“ 31x24 cm Apple iPad Pro 2021 (5. Gen), 12.90"; 
    Microsoft Surface Pro X, 13"
    15“ 34.5x26.5 cm Microsoft Surface Laptop 4, 15"; 
    Apple MacBook Pro – Late 2021, 14"
    17“ 38x29 cm HP Omen 16 oder Victus, 16.10"; 
    Dell XPS 17, 17"

    *The sleeve can vary from tight to slightly loose

    As individual as you:

    Laptop Sleeve -  Perfect for travel fans and commuters

    Perfect for travel fans and commuters

    The slim laptop bag in 10-, 13-, 15- or 17-inch fits your laptop or tablet perfectly and fits easily into any bag. The customisable tablet/laptop bag is perfect for travel, digital nomads, or commuters who like to travel light and keep their laptop close at hand.
    Laptop Sleeve - Professional appearance with personalised laptop bags

    Professional appearance with personalised laptop bags

    Print your company's slogan or logo- customised photo laptop cases contribute to the company's corporate identity. The practical neoprene sleeves ensure safe transport of photo laptop or tablet to meetings and appointments.
    Laptop Sleeve - Perfect protection for a school tablet

    Perfect protection for a school tablet

    A tablet is part of everyday school life in many places. A customisable tablet sleeve not only protects your child's tablet on the way to school, but with their favourite photos on the cover it also keeps them in a good mood and helps them identify their tablet.

    Good to know Neoprene has its own characteristic smell. This can be slightly intensified by the packaging. Over time, the smell will dissipate when exposed to fresh air.

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