• Wedding photo gifts, décor, and ideas

    Wedding photo gifts, décor, and ideas

    Celebrating the bond of marriage is one of the most important days in two people's shared life. The promise to have and to hold one another is celebrated with friends and family. We want to help you plan your day from A to Z with these articles full of unique ideas. Our inspirations cover planning the proposal, ideas for invitations, composing your checklist, glorious games, picking photographers, and much more.
    Weddings are not only wonderful celebrations of the love between two people, they are also a whole lot of work for the bridal couple. From the engagement up to the party and honeymoon, there are countless things to plan and organise. Everything ideally reflects the love and personalities of the bride and groom. In these ifolor inspire articles, we offer you creative tips and tricks for everything involving your wedding: Proposal ideas, inspiration and instructions for wedding invitations, activities and decorations for the celebration, tips for wedding gifts, and so much more. Of course, all of these articles aim to help you make every step of this wonderful path as personal as possible using your photos. Turn your wedding into a mirror for your love and the bright future you have in front of you with photos of your beginnings and special moments that have lead up to your wedding.