• Find inspiration for baby photo calendars

    Find inspiration for baby photo calendars

    Babies grow so fast. Sometimes, we wish we could stop time and adore the little angelic faces for ever. The first year is particularly fast-paced and the photos we take are absolute treasures. Find creative ways to keep those baby photos near and dear for a whole year with creative ideas for photo calendars in these ifolor inspire articles. We offer you tips and inspiration for designing your photo calendar.
    In the first year of their lives, babies develop in so many ways. They learn to crawl, sometimes walk, they go from grabbing everything to putting it all in their mouths, and their features define more and more over time. While they introduce themselves and their character to you, you collect lots of photos of all their funny and adorable moments to remind yourself and later also your child of this time. Of course, once the year has passed, your baby continues to change and grow, but it is sometimes hard to let go of those early days. Remind yourself of that first year or share that wonderful time with the proud grandparents with a photo calendar full of baby photos! In these ifolor inspire articles, we show you how you can creatively design your baby photo calendar for a full year of beautiful memories combined with a practical calendar.