Facts and figures about photography

Photography brings distant places close to us and inspires us to explore our world from different angles. We can dream ourselves to faraway places, gain strength for everyday life, and get ideas for decorating our homes. Photography is not just pictures, but also history, culture, and, of course, people. It helps us to remember important moments, to learn from them, and to be inspired for travelling and other things. For us at ifolor, photography is practically our whole Identity. After all, every one of our products and everything we do revolves around photos and turning them into unique gifts and decorations. On our blog, ifolor inspire, in the category 'Photography', you can see how photography has developed over the years. The posts feature its history from its beginnings in 1839 up to today's technologies such as smartphone cameras and the GoPro. In addition, you will find contributions about various photographers and their subjects, which can give you an insight into different interests, styles, and inspirations. You will also get an insight into the history of people who became famous with their photography and still inspire other people today. Here at ifolor, photography is our daily bread, the air we breathe. We value the work of these talented and inspired people immensely and identify ourselves with their work and passion. We share these values in our daily work with our products as well as here on ifolor inspire. Browse through our category 'Photography' on ifolor inspire and be inspired, too. Find ideas and passion in those breath-taking photos taken by professional photographers, or learn all about the history of photography.