Photography inspired by Martina Bisaz

It can be difficult to imagine what a product will actually look like when it arrives. The photos online don’t really show them in real life, in a real home. We completely understand. Product photos give a great impression, but to get a real feeling of what it will look like in your home, they are not enough. Looking at reviews and getting an impression of products before actually clicking that order button has become common practice. Those reviews from other customers help us understand, which products work for different rooms, styles, and purposes: creating a personal present, designing a unique decoration, or turning a practical item into a pretty eye-catcher. This is exactly why we have launched the category 'inspired by Martina Bisaz' on our ifolor inspire blog. Martina Bisaz has been a successful photographer for years. On Instagram, the Swiss national is very successful, with more than 211.000 followers. With her photos, she inspires many people to travel, take photos, and decorate their homes. For us, Martina writes monthly posts for our blog, with lots of tips and tricks that you can use to get inspired for activities or understand some of our photo products better. Martina collects impressions and experiences during her travels, which she shares in the form of blog posts and photos with the world. In her old VW bus and her Fiat 500 she travels across European countries and the world. For ifolor inspire, Martina uses many of our products to tell you about her experience and impressions of the finished photo product. You can see what works best in different settings to help you decide for yourself. Martina also has many tips and inspirations for everyday life, such as Christmas gifts, decorations, or practical things such as calendars or personal smartphone cases. Browse through her contributions on ifolor inspire and find the inspiration you are looking for in our category inspired by Martina Bisaz.