Photographic inspirations

Decorations turn your house into a home. Nowadays, stores offer a wide variety of decorations to personalise your home. The Internet is a great source of trendy decorations as well. But even the most beautiful items are usually not unique – many others have exactly the same picture, the same vase, or identical posters. They don't necessarily reflect your personality and character and although they are pretty, they don't catch the eye for long or make an impression. To really impress your friends and family, you must go one step further and be creative when it comes to decorations. The easiest way to do this is with personalised decorations using your photos, for example in form of a photo canvas or an acrylic glass plate with your photo. But you can go one step further and give your home a truly extravagant and personal touch. Our experts have put together lots of interesting ideas in our 'Inspirations' category on ifolor inspire. In each article, you will find various suggestions for using your own photos as decorations, handmade or ordered directly from ifolor. You will find ideas for gifts and greeting cards for special occasions. We've also put together some fun activities for the whole family. Especially for holidays such as Easter or Christmas, doing something together as a family is so important. To get you started, our experts give you lots of ideas that include your youngest in crafting pretty decorations for your home, for example. Take a look at our posts today and be inspired by the many creative ideas to make the most beautiful decorations, gifts, and much more. Let ifolor inspire show you lots of creative design ideas to transform a house into your home with decorations that bear your handwriting and express your personality.