• Valentine’s Day wall decoration

    Valentine’s Day wall decoration for your loved ones.

    Create unique mementos yourself

    Valentine’s Day is very special for many couples. Small, but also larger gifts that will make hearts beat a little faster are given on this day as a sign of affection. Why not give your sweetheart a very special gift and create a unique wall decoration for Valentine’s Day?

    Valentine’s Day wall decoration

    Pictures say more than a thousand words.

    Can you still remember your first photo together or that romantic selfie at sunset from your last holiday? To make sure that these special memories don’t just get left in old photo albums or in your mobile phone memory and then forgotten about, we have some great ways to use your favourite pictures to brighten up your bedroom or living room!

    As you’ve probably accumulated many photos over time, and it'll probably be difficult to decide which one you like best, just pick several! With square prints, you can choose 24 of your favourite images and order them in a convenient square format. Then, before your partner gets home, you can put them on the wall however you want, using either double-sided tape or string and staples. 
    As a little extra, you can hang handwritten dedications or other mementos (old postcards or letters?) in between them. That way, you will have a sweet memory wall and can keep adding to it!

    To be even more romantic, research the geographic coordinates of your favourite images. This could be the location of the cinema where you had your first date or the location of your last holiday where you enjoyed an amazing sunset. Take a look at Google Maps to work out the correct coordinates. If you enter the location you want there, the coordinates will also be displayed automatically. You can then easily record them at the bottom of the picture!

    Or do you just want to record the date you first got to know each other? Then just add that! But we would probably recommend retro prints for this purpose. The thick white border at the bottom provides space for you to put sweet dedications, coordinates, etc.

    Do you have so many pictures that you’re struggling to decide between them, but a photo wall is too laborious and expensive? Then your photo highlights can also be ordered directly as a great collage with a picture frame. Choose between 24 and 52 images to get a cool Instagram look. That way, you can make your shared milestones look extra special!

    Craft tip:

    A picture frame full of mementos

    Here’s a great gift idea that you can create yourself in just a few steps. For this Valentine’s Day gift idea you need:

    - Deep box picture frame
    - 2–3 photos
    - Small mementos (e.g. cinema tickets from your first date or a small souvenir from your last holiday)

    Before you fill the picture frame with your favourite memories, think of a little motto: “Our first date” or “our last holiday”, for example, would be appropriate and romantic themes. To match your theme, pick two to three photos, maybe as square prints again as these look particularly cute for this idea. Small mementos that you associate with this moment are also ideal for creating the picture frame. You can then attach the prints with colourful tape, as this gives it a special DIY look!

    A good photo is one that you look at for more than a second.

    Maybe you really like one photo of you in particular and you happen to need an eye-catching feature for your bedroom? Then just print your best photo as a large mural! Aluminium dibond will make your snapshots look really elegant – and it’s particularly suitable for great black and white pictures! Or perhaps you would prefer something more classic as a photo canvas, so you can choose a shadow gap frame to match? You have countless options to choose from to express your individuality.

    Whether you prefer a photo canvas or aluminium dibond is just a matter of personal taste, but our new XXL formats are perfect for showing every image to its best effect. Your partner will certainly love them!

    Craft tip:

    A photo canvas of your most special moments

    Another gift idea for Valentine’s Day is a photo canvas of your most special moments. Just like the picture frame idea, the photo canvas also enables you to capture your most special moments and some small mementos of a romantic moment forever.

    For this Valentine’s Day gift idea you need:

    - Photo canvas
    - Cork board or cork coaster
    - Mementos

    Before you fill the canvas with your pictures, think about a theme or motto here as well. This could be your first coffee date together, for example. Pick out three pictures to go with it. When choosing images, remember that they will be displayed on the canvas later in a square format. The image message should therefore be centred. Deliberately leave one section blank. This is where you’ll glue the corkboard later to attach your little mementos to! To give your gift that little extra something: staple a gift voucher for a romantic dinner, a visit to the cinema, a romantic weekend, or a spa break to the free space!

    Need some more inspiration for your Valentine’s Day gift? You’ll find ideas for big or small romantic gifts for your partner or best friend here.

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