Ten tips for better holiday photos

Photos are the best way to also still enjoy the holiday long after it is unfortunately over. Just a look at a cherished holiday photo is usually enough to feel transported back to the fantastic white beach or vibrant city where it was taken. But sometimes you take so many photos that they become a bit monotonous and at the end of the day not everyone is a star photographer. But you can get assistance! In the form of the following ten tips for better holiday photos.

1. Frame photos

Even though the beach with its white sand and endlessly blue sea are stunning to look at, they can quickly look a bit monotonous in a photo and simply do not achieve the same effect. It is therefore important to frame the picture using other elements. All you need is a palm leaf or sunshade peeking into the picture.

2. Turn up the saturation

If a picture looks a bit dull or uninteresting, simply turn up the saturation. This usually works miracles and the picture may possibly look more like you remember it on holiday.

3. Play around with the camera settings

Don’t be afraid to play around with your camera settings. After all, the option of deleting bad photos again is one of the most practical functions on digital cameras. And sometimes the automatic setting is simply not enough to take a really great photo.

4. Arrange symmetrical images correctly

Symmetry produces wonderful photos but sometimes it takes a bit of preparation. Make sure that you place your subject in the middle, if it’s in a symmetrical picture. This looks harmonious and right.

Scott Campbell Photography

5. Don’t always place subjects in the middle

Always placing subjects in the middle quickly looks boring and staged. So the basic principle here is rather: place the subject in the outer third of photos. This looks more dynamic.

Ian Wallace Photography

6. Underwater photos

If you are somewhere in a beach, it’s really worth taking your camera in the water. You don’t need expensive underwater cameras for this. Cheap plastic covers for digital or SLR cameras can be bought anywhere now.

Brian K Crain Photography

7. Straight horizon

Very important: Always make sure that the horizon is not at an angle in the picture (except if this is deliberate for creative reasons).

8. No flash!

If possible never use the flash, even if it is built in to your camera. It makes every subject look flat and also rarely lights up anything or anyone favourably. So it’s better to work with natural light, if you can.

9. Play with depth of field

Have a go at playing with depth of field. For example, focus on something in the background and leave the foreground out of focus. Or deliberately make the background blurred by focusing totally on your subject.


10. Use the golden hour

In photography, the golden hour is the brief time just after sunrise or just before sunset. The light is softer and a bit redder than usual during this time, which is considered to be THE ideal light for taking photos. Try to use this moment whenever you catch it.


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