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    Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer

    Tips for Unforgettable Wedding Photos

    A wedding is one of the most important and exciting moments in a couple’s life. As it is nice to walk down memory lane from time to time, you should attach great importance to taking professional photos during the event so you can relive the day again and again. We will show you how to find the perfect photographer for your wedding and explain which details you should keep in mind while making your choice.

    The Search for a Wedding Photographer

    On the internet you can find lots of professional photographers with countless reviews. Thus, it can be difficult to distinguish between them and find the right photographer for your wedding. You will probably get the most honest reviews on this topic from your friends and family, so you can ask them for their opinion or even if they can refer you to a good photographer.

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    If you have been to a wedding before, then you have probably already seen a photographer taking pictures of the newlywed couple. If you liked their work and how they interacted with the guests and the bridal couple, then you should not hesitate to contact them for your wedding.

    Professional photographers often take part in wedding fairs. If you visit one, not only will you be able to get in touch with photographers, but you will also have the opportunity to look for wedding dresses or collect ideas for wedding decorations all in one go.

    Contact Wedding Photographers Early

    As soon as you know the date for your wedding, you should start looking for photographers in your area with a lot of experience in wedding photography. Especially if you want to get married during the summer, you should start looking for offers early. After that, it’s time to make an appointment with your dream photographer to discuss further details.

    In a face-to-face conversation you will get the chance to get to know each other better. In order to get great pictures in the end, it is important that you can trust your photographer. In a personal conversation you can check if the chemistry among you is right. Furthermore, you can learn more about the photographer’s latest work and discuss your requests for the wedding.

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    The photographer’s portfolio will give you some indication of their style. Do they only take technically well executed photos, or do they also have an eye for details? Do they have what it takes to capture the magical moments of the bride and groom in just a couple of pictures?

    Costs for a Wedding Photographer

    IIf you like the style of your photographer and you get along well, it is time to talk about costs. These depend on your requests and the time he will need to fulfil them. If you decide for full-day wedding coverage, the photographer will stay with you for the whole day – from your styling before the ceremony until the party in the evening. Such a photographic documentation of the wedding day is much more expensive than, for example, a one-hour photo shoot after the wedding ceremony.

    In addition to the time the photographer needs to take your pictures, it will also take some time for him to edit the photos later. Discuss all the details beforehand and agree on a lump sum for this service.

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    Pay attention to hidden costs. Does the offer include travel expenses? Will you get a digital version of your photos, so that you can use them for thank-you cards or to design your own wedding photo book? Will you get the necessary rights to make copies of the pictures or will you only be able to get them from your photographer?

    Inspiration for Beautiful Wedding Photos

    On the internet you can find many ideas and inspiration for unique wedding photos. For example, you can look through Pinterest and create a board there. Instagram is a good place to collect ideas for wedding pictures as well. You can start your search under these popular hashtags: #weddingphotos #weddingphotography or #weddingphotographer.

    A professional photographer has, of course, a lot of experience they can draw upon to take beautiful photos of your wedding. However, if you like a certain kind of wedding photo, they will surely agree on re-enacting the scene with you.

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    For the right atmosphere and a nice background setting you can ask those responsible for your location for advice as well. They might already have experience with weddings and can direct you to the best places at your booked location or point you to some nice places in the area for your photo shoot.

    Selected Wedding Photographers from Switzerland

    Janine Benz, Zurich

    Janine Benz has been a photographer for over 50 weddings already. For her, as a professional wedding photographer, every ceremony is special in its own way: The mother’s smile, the groom’s amorous look or grandma’s happy tears. Janine Benz knows that the wedding day flies by and memories start fading soon. It is her aspiration to capture the magical moments of a wedding day forever. Wedding photos tell a story and say more than words ever could. The happy faces of the newlywed couple when they look at their wedding photos for the first time is her favourite reward.

    For her it is extremely important to stay close to the bridal couple, to get to know them and to advise them whenever they have questions. Several weeks before the wedding Janine Benz and her clients visit the wedding location and together, they search for the best places to take the wedding photos and talk about the whole photo shoot.

    “To affect people and to be able to hand a piece of their history over to them, is what touches me and motivates me,” comments Janine Benz on her work as a wedding photographer. Contact information:

    Contact information:
    Janine Benz

    Janine Benz organises a photo shoot for newlyweds
    © Janine Benz

    Evren Türker, Zurich

    The most beautiful thing for Evren Türker is to be able to capture wonderful moments and to create everlasting memories. In order to achieve this, it is very important for him that the chemistry is right. He is only able to take authentic photos when he and the bridal couple get along well.

    Having studied accounting, he currently heads a finance and accounting department. He likes to work with people and finds great joy in creating expressive wedding photos. His incentive and motivation are the emotions of the couple he takes pictures of.

    Evren Türker knows that a wedding day is very exciting and that it usually has a tight schedule. Because of this, he provides the opportunity of after-wedding photo shoots for the newlyweds where he meets the couple several days after the wedding to take photos in the special lighting of dusk or dawn.

    Contact information:
    Evren Türker

    Newlyweds at a photo shoot with Evren Türk
    © Evren Türker

    Michael & Larisa Auer, Zurich

    Michael and Larisa Auer have been working together since 2009. Since then, they have been able to photograph over 150 couples and made them very happy with their work. The photographer-couple documents weddings all over Switzerland and in neighbouring countries.

    They celebrated their own wedding in 2010, so both of them know what it takes to plan a wedding and understand the emotional rollercoaster the bridal pair is going through on their wedding day. For Michael and Larisa, it is important to capture the emotions and the atmosphere of the wedding in their pictures. For this you need a lot of experience and sensitivity. In order to take genuine wedding pictures, they mix with the other guests. Because they document the wedding as a team, they can always be at the right place at the right moment, no matter how much is happening at once.

    Contact Information:
    Michael & Larisa Auer

    Bridal couple photographed by wedding photographers Michael and Larisa Auer
    © Michael und Larisa Auer

    Mattias Nutt, Chur

    As a wedding photographer, Mattias Nutt observes and spots situations and details that tell the story of the newlywed couple. In his photos Mattias Nutt freezes moments, moods and emotions. On one hand, he remains close to the event, on the other hand, he stays in the background to take pictures of the whole scene. This way he can take many pictures of the emotionally charged wedding day from different angles. “The best pictures are already ready at breakfast time,” the wedding photographer explains.

    Mattias Nutt has worked as the official photographer of the World Economic Forum two times already. He knows people in the tourism and economic industries all over Switzerland and is a member of the Swiss Professional Photographers and Photo Designers Association (SBF).

    Contact information:
    Mattias Nutt

    Wedding photographer Mattias Nutt at the heart of the action: soap bubbles for the bride
    © Mattias Nutt

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