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    Give your home a personal touch with using your own photos.

    Make your home more beautiful with wall decorations

    Make you home beautiful with unique wall decorations

    I was allowed to order a few different types of wall decorations from ifolor and I’m going to briefly introduce you to each of them now. I don’t want to say too much about them though as in this case the pictures literally speak for themselves. I can only recommend that everyone has their own four walls decorated with their very personal favourite photos, giving their home its own unique charm. Or surprises their family and friends with their own little work of art, perfectly coordinated to suit their home.

    With the large range of products from ifolor, I found it difficult to choose and to restrict myself to certain wall decoration models. In the end, I opted for an HD Metal Print, a photo canvas, a Gallery Print and an aluminium Dibond wall decoration. Each version in a different size. At the start, I didn’t really quite know what to expect. Except with the canvas, I couldn’t really imagine what the photos would look like. It was therefore a fantastic surprise when the packages arrived and I was able to unpack each one. I liked each wall decoration in their own way. It’s quite difficult to choose a favourite one. But my two favourites are the HD Metal Print and the aluminium Dibond version. With the HD Metal Print, I liked the elegance of the thin metal sheet and the extreme sharpness of the picture. With the aluminium Dibond version, I’m really impressed by the matt surface.

    All the photos come with a pre-assembled wall bracket, which is invisibly attached to the back of the picture and which keeps the picture a certain distance from the wall. This is a brilliant mechanism which gives the picture more effect as it appears to be floating on the wall due to the shadow the frame casts giving it more depth and therefore presence.

    1. HD Metal Print

    I wasn’t familiar with the HD Metal Print at all beforehand, but it impressed me straight away. The photo is incredibly sharp and the colours are bright! As a result, this wall decoration is particularly suitable for motifs in intense colours with rich contrasts. The photo is printed on a 1.1 mm thin metal sheet, which I really like. It makes the picture look light and elegant. The surface has a lacquered appearance, so it’s shiny. In a very bright room with lots of windows I would perhaps not hang the picture up right opposite a window as the surroundings may reflect in the picture.

    I ordered the HD Metal Print in 60x60 cm format. Two additional hangers are supplied free, giving you total freedom when hanging it up.

    Mountain panorama on a HD Metal Print
    Hang an eye-catching HD Metal Print in 60x60 cm on your wall.
    Pin-sharp colours and contrasts on the HD Metal Print from ifolor.

    2. Photo canvas

    For the canvas I chose a photo that could also very easily be a painting. As the flowers are given a similar artistic touch to a still life thanks to the canvas’ structure. The picture is stretched over a real wood frame and printed on thick canvas. The colours are matt and there are no reflections in the picture as a result. Different layouts are available on the website and in ifolor Designer so you can also create great photo collages. I ordered the canvas in 30x30 cm format. Two additional hangers are supplied with this wall decoration.

    Photo canvases are also available in compact formats for smaller walls.
    Your photo is held firm with the real-wood stretcher frame from ifolor.
    The canvas fabric gives a natural feel to your picture.

    3. Gallery Print

    The Gallery Print is a 3 mm thin aluminium bonded panel that has an equally think acrylic glass plate stuck on it. The photo is directly printed onto the acrylic glass which gives the picture spatial depth. My photo of the Donut in a mountain lake is perfect for a print on acrylic glass as the acrylic glass is superb for reproducing the water textures. To that effect, the acrylic glass naturally reflects a bit, which means I would not place the picture right next to a window. The Gallery Print is a bit thicker than the HD Metal Print and therefore also heavier. This print is also top quality and the colours are vibrant! I ordered the Gallery Print in 40x40 cm format.

    A Gallery Print with water images fits perfectly in your bathroom.
    The special wall mount creates a slight floating effect and adds depth to your Gallery Print.
    The glossy surface makes water images come to life.

    4. Aluminium Dibond

    I was most curious about the aluminium Dibond wall decoration! I also ordered it in full size (75x100 cm) and made sure that I chose one of my favourite pictures, a sunrise in the Dolomites. This is shown off really well in a large format. And wow! There it was! It looked bigger than I imagined but that isn’t a problem. I think it is stunning! I love the matt surface. It doesn’t reflect anything and picture reveals its full glory without any reflections. Due to the matt surface it’s not quite as sharp as, for example, the HD Metal Print but it also doesn’t have to be in my opinion. I’m not going to up to it really close to count the pixels but want to let the whole picture work its magic on me from a bit of a distance.

    Alu Dibond in XXL format looks great on your wall.
    The matt surface makes your photo appear reflection-free.
    You can hang the Alu Dibond quickly and easily with the help of the pre-mounted wall mount.

    All the pictures in this feature were taken by Martina Bisaz and are subject to copyright.

    Martina Bisaz and her Orange VW Bus

    Martina Bisaz

    There is hardly any other Swiss person who has as many Instagram followers as her. Martina Bisaz, born in Grisons, impresses more than 280,000 followers with her landscape photos on the Instagram photo platform as kitkat_ch. The 36-year-old travels across Switzerland and all over the world in her vintage Fiat 500 and an orange VW bus. And as with Heidi, it can also be said of Martina that the mountains are her world. Photos of impressive snow-capped mountains, turquoise blue alpine lakes and misty mountain ranges are her trademark. Martina Bisaz quit her job as a scientific illustrator in 2017 and has been working as a freelance photographer and dedicating herself to her Instagram account since then. Martina regularly writes articles about the world of photography and photo products for ifolor's ‘Inspiration’ ideas corner.

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