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    Beautiful surprise for children: Measuring chart for children’s rooms

    A must for every children’s room: the measuring scale. Why not make this wall decoration yourself? After all, it will be used for a long time. This way, it will be closest to the parents’ wishes – and will ideally be so pretty and decorative that it won’t be hanging in the children’s room but perhaps even in the living room.

    Only 5 steps to make an individual measuring chart for your child:

    1) In order to create a measuring chart 1.4 metres high, you just need to push together two photo posters with the dimensions 50 x 70 centimetres. A centimetre scale can be quickly created on various image processing programmes and is best placed in the centre of the posters.

    2) Ask your child about their favourite animals. Picture agencies and photo portals offer many licence-free, high-resolution photographs of all conceivable animals.

    3) Use your image-processing software to remove the backgrounds from around the animals, i.e. cut them out digitally, carefully. Only in this way will they look their best on a white background.

    4) So that your child can measure their growth with deer, owls and squirrels, arrange the pictures one above the other. This way the animals will form a pyramid, like the Town Musicians of Bremen.

    5) Once the posters are complete, get them printed in photo poster format by ifolor. This poster in large format is printed on premium photo paper – making it an item of high quality for frequent use. This way the poster will not snap so easily during hanging and the sticking of the measurement results.

    Do you like this example poster so much that you would like to use it instead of creating your own? You can download the template here for free. Have fun with it!

    Fotos und Text: Julia Marre • www.kommandokarottenbrei.de

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