• Creative crafting ideas for a summer party on the balcony

    Creative Decorative Ideas for Summer Parties

    How to Transform Digital Prints into Eye-Catching Decorations

    It’s summer time - what’s better than spending time with friends outdoors at a garden party or a barbeque? Besides preparing tasty food and treats, you can also really impress the guests at your next summer party with one-of-a-kind decorations. The decorations, just like this warm part of the year, should be colourful and playful. To ensure your next summer party is a complete success, we’ll show you how you can take digital photo prints and use a bit of creativity to transform them into creative decorations for your balcony or garden.

    Decorative Idea: Summer Candle Lanterns

    Candle lanterns decorated with personal photos

    Candle lanterns are ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere after the sun sets. They can also be used as eye-catching decorations even while the sun is still shining when you craft some using your own personal motifs and memories. For this really simple craft idea, you’ll only need 5 things: old jars (e.g. jam jars), sand, digital photo prints, adhesive photo corners (or scotch tape), and tea candles. Bring about a bit of variety with your decorations by using different sizes and forms of jars.

    In order to attach the photos on the smooth surface of the jars with adhesive photo corners, it’s recommended to clean the jars beforehand with a dry cloth to remove any dust and grime. Then fill the jars with sand and put the tea candles inside. You can also decorate the jars further with colourful ribbon or seashells.

    Crafting tip: Design a photo collage in 9 cm format with four pictures and then cut out the individual photos. This will make it easy to decorate smaller jars with your own personal memories.

    Decorative Idea: Drink Menu Displayed on Wood

    Put a new spin on the drink menu by displaying photos of the beverages available on wood

    What’s a summer party without refreshing drinks and a couple of cold cocktails? To enable guests to see what’s on the drink menu at a glance, you can present the available beverages in a completely original way and craft a photo display out of wood on which you can display pictures of the cocktails.

    To create your own picture display, you’ll 

    • Digital prints with cocktail motifs
    • An old wooden board (or alternatively a piece of
    • Nails or tacks
    • Metal clips or paper clamps
    • A hammer


    Up close - crafting a photo display with wood

    How it’s done:

    Consider which drinks you’d like to serve at your party and print out a picture of each of the beverages on premium photo paper. Once you’ve selected which photos you’d like to use and they arrive at your home, it’s time to arrange the photos and the clamps. To create a symmetrical look, it’s recommended to first measure the distances between the clamps before attaching them. Depending on the thickness of the wood you can affix the photos using either nails or tacks. Once you’ve affixed the clamps, you can then put the photos in their respective clamps and place the photo display on the cocktail bar.

    Decorative Idea: Fairy Lights with Personal Memories

    Colourful fairy lights with vacation photos

    This decorative idea is quick and easy since you’ll only need fairy lights, clips, and digital prints from your last summer vacation. It’s best to hang the fairy lights on a wall on your balcony or between two trees in your garden. Then add your favourite summer vacation memories in between the lights. This will not only give off a vacation-feel, but will also be sure to give your party guests something to talk about. To affix the prints to the lights, you can use either clamps in suitable colours or paper clips.

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