• Successful and impressive wedding photography

    How to cover weddings successfully

    Besides technical expertise, the photographer should have empathy above all for attractive and impressive wedding photography.

    Good equipment and sound photography skills are not enough when it comes to capturing special and unforgettable moments from the most important day in two people’s lives.

    A feel for people and all the equipment

    A meeting beforehand is essential to get a feeling for the bridal couple. It’s not just the desired motifs and timing that can be clarified during this but you also get a first impression of the bride and groom here, about what is important to these two people and what mood they would like to communicate with the photos. A few snapshots can help to get you on the right path and agree them with the bridal couple. This can also create a basis of trust so that it’s not just the bridal couple who feel comfortable in front of the camera but you do behind it.

    The equipment should be light, compact and fast as it’s about capturing special moments and that means reacting quickly, being in the right place at the right time and pressing the shutter regardless of whether it’s in a dark church or porch flooded with sunlight. Wedding photographers generally rely on two cameras, one with a wide-angle lens and the other with a fixed focal length of 50 mm and equipped with a zoom lens. The occasion calls for fast reactions and doesn’t leave any time to change lenses.

    Emotional moments and a festive setting

    As wedding photography primarily includes portraits and emotional moments, a tripod and flash and any other equipment are not necessary. What you definitely should not forget though are fully charged batteries and plenty of memory – it’s best to take several memory cards with you.

    Although you have already got to know the bridal couple, unless you are part of their circle of acquaintances, friends or even family, you will not know the guests. It is therefore advisable to arrive early to get a feeling not just for the wedding party but also the various locations. As it may also be helpful to visit the wedding venue, registry office church and reception venue beforehand to get a picture of the situation.

    Photographers should be as “invisible” as possible: the best moments can be captured when the people being photographed don’t even notice the camera, are natural and are not pretending or posing for the camera. To make sure you don’t miss an important moment during the wedding ceremony, you should be as close to the bridal couple as possible but here too as unobtrusive and in the background as possible. It is recommended that you use continuous advance for the group photos of the wedding party afterwards. As a result, you won’t miss a moment and can select the best shots in peace while editing them.

    Select moments for the album

    Don’t forget to take photos of details like the wedding cake, the rings and decoration as well as the key people and the guests, as these are naturally all part of this special day too and set the scene.

    Give the bridal couple the best photos to choose from and then you can create an impressive photo album that captures this special day forever as a great wedding present.

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