10 reasons why we love spring

10 reasons why we love spring

Now it’s time: grab your camera, get out and capture springtime!

1. No more grey winter

We love spring because everything turns green and blossoms again. The first grass and flowers shoot out of the ground; we’re woken up by birds’ twittering. Live is breathed into nature again! So it’s the perfect time to go out and capture this awakening of new life in photos.

2. A discovery tour

There are finally things to discover again: happy people in the streets, cafés, walking with their dogs. In winter, people are holed up at home. Who wants to go out the house when it’s freezing cold outside? Now it’s just the opposite: the sun smiles down on our faces and we literally soak it up. As the city has come to life again, there are great motifs for moments we want to capture.

3. Good vibes

People are simply in a better mood again – this affects our photo motifs too! Smiling faces and bright-eyed children are some of the most beautiful. By the way, we tell you how to take brilliant portraits here.

4. Ice cream!

OK, we don’t actually have to say any more here as who doesn’t love letting this lovely cooling dessert, which is available in what seems like thousands of variations, melt in the mouth? As soon as the temperatures rise, we fancy this delicious treat. The colourful dessert also makes a perfect summer photo motif.

5. Express yourself – fashion styles

Street style photographers in particular love it when fashion lets people express themselves. Taste and your current mood then culminate in creative outfits that can be fascinatingly staged. While clothing’s functionality dominates in winter so you don’t shiver outside, spring puts an end to this! It’s time to go wild

6. Colourful weekly markets

There’s fresh, crunchy vegetables and a huge variety of fruits and berries again. Resulting in fantastic food photos! Simply give it a try: stroll through the local weekly market, take close-ups of fruits, flowers and vegetables. Sound boring? Then read our article on macro photography beforehand and be inspired!

7. Everything is in bloom

Cherry and apple blossoms are wonderful subjects for spring photos. They look really fascinating in the mountains, where there’s still snow in parts: spring blossom in the foreground, a bit of snow in the background.

8. Green as far as the eye can see

Vast landscapes light up in lush green. After the dull, monotonous winter, this kind of scenery looks totally different and is ideal as a spring motif.

9. Close-ups of nature

You can take great close-ups of nature, birds and insects. There is also the advantage in spring that it’s still a bit cooler in the mornings. This means firstly that the winds due to solar radiation are not too strong yet and secondly that the animals need a bit longer to come out of their nocturnal slumber. As a good macro shot can only be taken when nothing is moving.

10. Offspring!

As far as the eye can see, the animals outdoors are no longer en route on their own: whether it’s as a couple or even already as a small family, baby animals enhance any photo moment. They can be particularly well observed near water: ducks, birds and insects. It’s mating season.


Spring is the perfect season for anyone who loves photographing life and nature. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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