• Bring your messages to life with Magic Postcard.

    Send a Magic Postcard for free

    Bring your messages to life with your photo and a scannable video clip

    Surprise your loved ones from anywhere in the world with a special kind of postcard: the free Magic Postcard from ifolor. It not only shows a great snapshot but also brings your photo to life in a short video clip available when using a smartphone! It's so easy to send a postcard with a video message.

    Try it out now and for free until September 30th, 2021!

    Moving greetings from anywhere

    Let your loved ones know you're thinking of them by sending a cool Magic Postcard from your holiday, a special event, or just because. You can share the gentle swell on the beach or an exciting jump into the water with your family and friends. Your canoe trip, a bike ride, or a day at the zoo are also great to send as a Magic Postcard.

    Send a postcard with a video message

    Personalised birthday wishes with video

    The Magic Postcard used video clips up to 25 seconds long. Perfect for your birthday wishes and a short birthday song. If you can't visit the birthday boy or girl in person, you can still congratulate them personally and make them happy on their big day.

    It's almost like magic: use your smartphone to scan the photo and play the clip hidden behind it.

    A card to celebrate a birth

    Welcome to the world! Of course, the newest member of the family should be introduced to friends and family as soon as possible. For example, a clip with mum coming home with her baby or the first nap on dad's arm. Or record a funny video as new parents and send it to friends and family as a Magic Postcard instead of the classic card to introduce your baby.

    Real postcard and video message in one: The Magic Postcard

    Celebrate milestones by post

    The first steps of your child, later the first attempts to ride a bike, the handing over of the keys of your own home, or the first own apartment, anniversaries and much more - life holds so many milestones that we like to share with our loved ones. Capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments in a short video and share your milestones with your loved ones using Magic Postcard!

    Celebrate milestones: Send sentimental pictures to your loved ones

    How the Magic Postcard works

    It’s easy to create a (free) Magic Postcard online. Simply create a postcard using a photo and then upload a short video clip. You can send the postcard to five different people worldwide. Using the instructions on the back of the postcard, the recipient can scan the front using a smartphone and then enjoy your video.

    It's as simple as this:

    1. Record a video clip
    2. Shoot or select a suitable postcard picture to use as a cover picture
    3. Upload video and cover picture
    4. Write your personal message on the back of the postcard
    5. Enter the recipient’s address
    6. Send and bring joy

    The free postcard is available exclusively until September 30th, 2021 

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