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    Easy and in no time at all you can send your greetings to anyone in the world whilst on holiday

    Sending someone your greetings whilst on holiday is not that easy. A lot of people would like to send much more individual greetings to family and friends back home rather than the typical tourist postcards with their beautiful but impersonal motifs. Depending on where you are spending your holidays it could take more than a couple of weeks for your postcard to arrive. It can be frustrating when it arrives after you have already returned home from your holiday.

    We'll show you how you can use the ifolor app to design individual postcards with your own photos directly on your smartphone and send them anywhere in the world in no time at all.

    Postcard with the ifolor app for iOS

    Postcard with the ifolor app for Android

    Design your own postcards with the ifolor App

    On the ifolor App, there are two available layouts, which can be used to design your own holiday greetings: the classic direct postcard in 10.7x15 cm format or our panorama postcard in 20x10 cm format, which gives you the freedom to get creative.

    Send your postcards directly via the ifolor app

    Once you have chosen one of the layouts you can start designing your postcard. The next step provides you with various design templates that you can use to customise your holiday greetings, however, this depends on your smartphone’s operating system.

    From an all-over print to collages with text boxes to creative seasonal templates, choose the template that suits you best. If you change your mind during the design process, you can easily change the template with two simple clicks.

    Next, select your favourite snapshots for the postcard and paste them into the chosen template. How to take great photos on holiday with your smartphone, we will tell you in our article ‚’10 tips on how to get the perfect holiday photos`.

    Quick tip: Before you start designing your postcards, create a separate folder with all the motifs you want to use for your holiday greetings. This way you can access your photos quicker whilst designing your postcard.

    Design postcards directly on your smartphone and send them to anyone worldwide

    Layout and design options for your individual postcard

    The app automatically places the selected photos in the placeholder box on the template. However, you can also change the selection yourself at any time. Simply click on the picture you would like to replace and then replace it with another picture. You can rotate, move or crop your picture in the app if you are not satisfied with how it looks. If you want to rearrange your pictures within a collage, simply click on the picture you would like to move and drag it to the desired position. The app automatically changes the preselected pictures. Depending on your smartphone’s operating system there are other editing options to choose from. You can give your images the same look by using the filters or get even more out of your snapshots by activating the image optimisation mode.

    On the front of some templates, there are textboxes, where you can add a personal message. By clicking on the textbox, you can then add a personal message. You can also change the size, colour, alignment and font of your text.

    Send individual holiday greetings with an ifolor booklet

    Share your best holiday memories whilst on holiday with your family and friends. With the ifolor app, you can keep your best snapshots in a booklet as well as on postcards. This way you can give this fantastic gift to a loved one or why not treat yourself to this lovely gift.

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    Once you have designed the front of your postcard, the only thing missing is the personal message on the back. First, select the back of your postcard and click on the textbox. Now you can type in your own personal message to your family and friends. Avoid generic phrases and let your loved ones know about: which part of the holiday you have enjoyed the most, which day was the best so far and how you are doing. A personal message and some greetings for back home will add a more personal touch to your postcard.

    Send some holiday greetings whilst on holiday via the ifolor app.

    Quick tip: send a series of postcards to your loved ones and tell them a running story. With each postcard, the story will come together like a mosaic.

    Once you have written your text there are various editing options available to you by clicking on the text. You can resize your text, change the font, colour, and realign it.

    Personalise your stamps with your own photos

    A highlight is an individual stamp on the back. Since you send the postcards online, you don't have to put a stamp on it. Instead, you can design the stamp on your postcard with your own photo. Simply click on the stamp box and select a picture. You can also edit this via the tools option and then use it as a stamp. This adds a great personal touch to your postcard.

    Send postcards with personalised stamps

    Send your postcards worldwide

    For the last step, you will need to specify one or more recipients for your holiday greetings. You can simply type them in or add them automatically via your contacts on your smartphone. This way you can easily send postcards to your whole family and friends without any hassle. Wherever your loved ones are, we will send the postcards to any address worldwide.

    Finally, just complete your order via the trolley icon and your individual postcards are already on their way. Sending holiday greetings has never been so quick and easy.

    Quick tip: you can also send great postcards with individual greetings to your loved ones from the comfort of your own home - this is a quick and easy way to create a small gift.



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