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    Send Out Christmas Greeting Cards with Out-of-the-Ordinary Photos

    Do you send out Christmas cards to all your friends and family every year? This year, why don’t you send them photo greeting cards with funny Christmas motifs and showcase your family in an out-of-the-ordinary way?

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    Come up with a Creative Motif for a Maxicard

    Our Maxicard is an especially classy way to send out your out-of-the-ordinary Christmas greetings. The semi-glossy front gives you a multitude of creative possibilities of really letting your photo shine in all its brilliance. Its high quality design and the ability to either print out text or write your own message by hand on the back gives you the chance to really personalise your Christmas greeting card in A4 format.

    Of course, besides the high quality digital printing and customisable text, the photo motif is the most important element when creating your own personal Christmas greeting. Why don’t you showcase your family in an out-of-the-ordinary way?

    You don’t need that many extra tools to be able to take extraordinary photos for your greeting cards. A wall painted with chalkboard paint provides the perfect background for shooting photos. Just draw some stars and angel wings on the dark wall with white chalk. You can then position your own little angel in front of the wings. Alternatively, you could also use this idea for house pets or perhaps even for yourself!

    Such a special motif will certainly be remembered and will ensure that your card will be cherished by the recipient instead of just ending up in the rubbish bin. The Maxicard can also later be displayed in a frame and then hung on the wall.

    When ordering your maxicards you’ll also receive envelopes in the corresponding size to protect them while in the mail.

    Special Christmas Greetings with Our Folded Greeting Cards

    Another popular choice is the Folded Greeting Card from ifolor due to its classy design and high quality. You can send out your loving Christmas greetings on foldable cards in portrait or landscape format to your friends and family.

    ¨A husband holds reindeer antlers next to his wife’s head

    Christmassy additions and a comfortable atmosphere will make your photo greeting cards an unforgettable surprise for family and friends alike. You can really spruce up your photos by using various light sources, friendly colours, or perhaps even some reindeer antlers!

    Thanks to the cards’ high quality paper, your Christmas greeting cards will be sure to stand the test of time and bring joy for years to come. Whether displayed for decoration or hung on the wall in a frame - your Christmas photo is sure to be one of a kind.

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    Traditional Christmas Greetings with Special Photo Motifs

    Yearly traditions are kept by many families, especially during the Christmas season. Keep your own family’s Christmas tradition alive and pep things up a bit this year with some out-of-the-ordinary motifs.

    You can send the grandparents a Postcard in standard format and portray your family in an unconventional way. Make sure to keep the Christmas theme alive and put things like the Christmas tree or gifts in the picture. Then take the photo with playful looks on your faces and you’ll be left with an extraordinary photo motif for your Christmas greeting cards.

    Product tips:

    You can design your Christmas Maxicards with a semi-glossy front here.

    Folded Classic Greeting Cards sets are available here.

    Order traditional Postcar here.

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