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  • gift voucher made from an ifolor Puzzle

    The Gift Voucher as a Photo Puzzle

    Create Completely Original and Exciting Gift Vouchers

    A self-designed gift voucher in the form of a puzzle is a creative and one-of-a-kind gift for loved ones. Whether for Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, a birthday, Christmas, or other celebrations – a gift voucher is a popular gift idea for just about any occasion. While a normal run-of-the-mill envelope or card usually give away the fact that the present is a gift card/voucher of some kind, a puzzle will keep them guessing what the gift is till the last minute since the recipient has to first assemble the puzzle to find out what their surprise is.

    Quickly and Easily Create Your Photo Puzzle Gift Voucher

    With the ifolor Designer Software along with our numerous design templates, you’ll be finished designing your gift voucher puzzle in the blink of an eye. For the puzzle motif, it’s best to use a picture that is thematically fitting to your gift. If giving them something like a weekend getaway, for instance, a picture of the destination would work perfectly.


    Don’t choose an easily recognised photo to use for your puzzle to ensure the recipient doesn’t recognise the motif right of the bat after looking at just one puzzle piece.

    Photo puzzle as a voucher using an Eiffel Tower image

    Designing Is Part of the Fun

    Once you’ve selected which motif you’d like to use for your gift voucher puzzle, you can then add a personal message to the recipient or extra info about the gift voucher. To do this, simply select a layout with a text field which you can write in any font and colour. If you want even more design options, you can download the free ifolor Designer app for both Windows or Mac from our Download Centre.


    With the ifolor Designer you have lots of design options for your photo puzzle voucher. For example, you can place picture and text fields anywhere and then insert a title and a short description of your voucher. You can also decorate the photo puzzle with frames, use speech bubbles and clipart.

    A photo puzzle with a gift voucher for a candlelight dinner

    The Photo Puzzle voucher is available with 50-, 196-, 500-, 1000 or 1500-pieces. Create is with an image that has lots of detail to make it more challenging. Its best to keep the image simpler if you choose a large puzzle so it doesn’t take too long to see the voucher! The photo puzzle comes in an attractive gift box, which also contains a photo of the images used in the puzzle.


    Remove the photo that’s delivered with the puzzle before giving the puzzle to the recipient. It’d be a shame for the surprise to be spoiled too early!

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