• Foto-Andenken an die besten Freunde aus Fotos basteln

    Friends made out of photo paper: original decoration for children’s rooms

    Creative photo memories created by children

    When their little best friend suddenly moves far away or their favourite cousin can only come to play in the school holidays, then these little friends made out of photo paper can comfort childhood longings. This miniature star poster is not just a wonderful farewell gift but also a lovely reminder of those who live much too far away to come and play every day.

    Foto-Freunde: Umrisse ausschneiden

    Friends made out of photo paper are created this quickly:

    1. Take a photo of the person who is to be displayed in miniature format to decorate the children’s room, ideally one in which the whole person can be seen. Where the feet are not hidden in high grass and there are no other objects covering the body. If you are photographing several people, be aware of the different postures. If the photo models are sitting, kneeling, standing and lying down the little gallery of friends really comes alive.

    2. We have used the premium photo poster in 30 x 40 cm format for our new photo friends. This format is ideal because you can have several photos, which you copied into the photo editing programme next to each other beforehand, printed on one poster (Tip: we show you here how you can do this without having your own software).

    You can of course also have the motif developed as a photo. Both products are printed on premium photo paper, which is superb for further processing. It is recommended that the person on the photo is displayed to be roughly 20 to 25 centimetres tall.

    3. All the material you need are the photo posters and scissors. And perhaps a bit of adhesive tape to stick the pictures to the wall later on.

    4. Use the scissors to cut around the outlines of the displayed person very carefully.


    Die neuen Fotofreunde

    5. Then arrange the pictures on the wall in the children’s room: for example, as a group around a table, on the bookcase or wardrobe at the child’s eye level.

    Die neuen Fotofreunde im Ensemble mit der Einrichtung

    Text & Photos: Julia Marre

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