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  • Photo management services for Windows

    Photo management services for Windows

    To remember beautiful moments and unique experiences, we usually take numerous snapshots on journeys, on excursions with friends or family, at birthday parties and any other occasion that presents itself. Thanks to modern smartphones with high-quality cameras, collecting countless photos has never been easier. However beautiful the pictures may be, many of them are transferred from the camera or smartphone to the PC or external hard drive untreated – if they leave the memory card at all.

    To help you sort out the mess of images, we introduce popular photo management services for Windows.

    © Irfan View und Xn View
    © Irfan View und Xn View

    IrfanView und XnView

    The popular free software IrfanView for the Windows operating system offers for over 60 file formats, including RAW, JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIF, EPS, and GIF, all the crucial functions for clear image viewing, image sorting, and image processing. The functions can be extended as desired with additional, free plug-ins, and audio and video formats, for example, can be added.

    © www.irfanview.com
    © www.irfanview.com

    In terms of image management, the software allows you to label your photos by motif or occasion, making them easier to sort and faster to find. Standard image editing such as brightness, contrast, blur and special functions such as red-eye removal or panorama creation are also possible. Some photo editing options can also be applied to multiple images at the same time. This batch processing or batch conversion helps you to organise your photo archive even more quickly.

    © xnview.com
    © xnview.com

    The image viewer service XnView is also a popular and frequently used variant of the freeware photo management for Windows. The range of functions corresponds mostly to the software IrfanView. A plus point of this program is the support of more than 500 image formats. The key function also lies in the batch processing, whereby complete image file folders can be organised.

    © ACD Systems
    © ACD Systems

    ACDSee Photo Studio Standard

    The ACDSee Photo Studio program offers a fee-based option for Windows users who, in addition to their intention to create more order, also attach great importance to professionalism in image processing. The tool is subdivided into three versions, of which a new, purchasable follow-up upgrade appears on the market every year.

    The cheapest of the three variants is the standard version, which, depending on the edition, is available in a price segment up to CHF 78 (2019) per purchase license. In addition to the basic functions of the freeware programs already listed, the 2019 publication provides extensive tools for sophisticated digital asset management. The standard photo management requirements, such as searching, sorting, moving and organising, are complemented by “gimmicks” such as customisable visual colour labels. This allows you to quickly and easily mark images that you want to edit later. When it comes to image editing, various precision filters ensure that all kinds of imperfections are retouched. A special feature is the individualization by inserting a watermark.

    The ACDSee Photo Studio series provides even more options with the higher-quality “Professional” and “Ultimate” versions. These two versions offer a number of special extras for image processing, such as face recognition, and are therefore more expensive. However, as we focus on the topic of image management in this article, we won’t go any further into these special features here. More information and tips on photo editing can be found in our related category.

    The most important features of the tools at a glance



    Finally, the choice of image management for Windows depends on your intention. For the pure administration and organisation of your photos, free administration programs such as IrfanView or XnView are sufficient. If, however, you also attach importance to a high-quality image processing, then you will rather find it with paid programs like ACDSee Photo Studio Standard.

    We find photo management services are a clever and simple solution to end the image chaos on your PC or laptop and create a well-structured photo archive. Have fun tidying up!

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