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How-To: Create A Personalized Photo Calendar

Video Tutorial – Designing a Photo Calendar

Bring some joy into your own life and make your loved ones happy: with the ifolor photo calendar! Whether you want to create a wall calendar panorama or a family calendar – we’ll show you how to create a customized photo calendar featuring your most beautiful pictures in just a few clicks.

A quick guide: Creating a photo calendar on the ifolor website

Start designing your photo calendar directly on our website. Whether you want to decorate your own home or give the calendar as a present to somebody – you can choose between monthly planners, kitchen calendars, family calendars and classic wall calendars. Once you’ve picked a type of calendar, you can select different sizes, formats and paper qualities.


Sort your pictures before you start designing. If most of your pictures are portrait photos, a portrait orientation is most suitable. Landscape shots are best showcased in a horizontal format or a panorama calendar.

Creating a photo calendar on the ifolor website

Design options for your customized photo calendar

Get creative! Depending on which photo calendar you’ve picked, you can then select your favourite design from our templates. Simple as well as more colourful designs are available. You have more than 12 favourite pictures? Simply click on the button “Layout type” and select a design from our collage templates.

Once you’ve chosen a format and design, you can upload your pictures in the next step. You can upload pictures directly from your hard drive or alternatively access your Facebook or OneDrive account. Simply insert the pictures into the empty placeholders via drag and drop. By clicking the symbol for “edit”, you can adjust the size and position of your pictures. You can alter the layout and design of your photo calendar at any time during the design process.


Use the ifolor Designer to create your photo book. There you can add clip art as well as personal events such as birthdays and anniversaries.

To make the most of your photo calendar, you can click on the tab “calendar” and determine an individual startmonth. There you can also select the language for your calendar.

Creating a photo calendar online

Before ordering your personalized photo calendar from ifolor, review your calendar with the “preview”-option. Empty placeholders as well as problems with your texts and poor image quality will be pointed out to you. After fixing any remaining errors, you can add your photo calendar to the shopping basket and complete your order.

Have fun designing and enjoy your personalized gift!

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