• Design Your Own Songbook for Christmas Eve

    Design Your Own Songbook for Christmas Eve

    The Family’s Favourite Christmas Songs

    In addition to the lovely decorated Christmas tree and the alluring aroma of all kinds of sweets and baked goodies, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without carols and other Christmas songs. This is a reason why singing carols together as a family remains a cherished tradition in many households on Christmas Eve. How would you like to create your very own songbook that combines both classic Christmas carols with other Christmas hits your family loves? We’ll show you how you can design a completely personalised songbook for some quality time with your loved ones this Christmas Eve.

    Your Favourite Christmas Songs

    Search for the lyrics of well-known classics, catchy children’s songs, as well as other Christmas songs you enjoy. A nice mixture of all kinds of songs will ensure that there is something for everyone in your finished songbook and will make singing together fun for the whole family. You could also arrange the songs according to classics, children’s songs, and modern Christmas songs to give the songbook a clear arrangement.

    Some Christmas Photos for Extra Charm

    Besides a selection of your most favourite Christmas songs, some of your own photos will also have their place in your personalised songbook. Go through your photos from the past years and look for nice pictures of Christmases spent together with the family. Snapshots of things like baking cookies with the kids, the colourfully decorated Christmas tree, and lovingly packed Christmas presents will give your songbook extra sentimental value. You can of course add to your songbook some more humorous photos of things like a snowball fight or a fast sleigh ride to keep all of these winter memories alive.

    Create a Photo Book as a Songbook for Christmas Eve

    Sheet Music for Instrumental Accompaniment

    It’s usually easy to find sheet music or guitar chords for most popular Christmas songs. Maybe a family member or even you yourself play an instrument? You can add to your songbook both the song lyrics and musical notes for each Christmas song to surprise your loved ones with a little instrumental accompaniment while singing together this Christmas Eve.

    Designing a Photo Book as a Christmas Songbook

    You can design this very special photo book containing Christmas songs for the whole family easily either online or with the free ifolor photo book software.

    First start out by choosing a suitable photo book from our various available options. The photo book soft is very suitable for designing as a songbook with its light and soft cover and A4 format. This will give you enough space to add your beautiful photos and selected song lyrics and is small enough to take with you if heading to a family member’s home on Christmas Eve.

    Sheet Music for Instrumental Accompaniment

    After choosing how many pages your photo book should have, you’ll have numerous templates and design possibilities available in the ifolor Designer for you to use. You’ll be able to do things like add image and text elements as well as the ability to change their colour compositions accordingly. In addition, under the “Design” tab you’ll find Christmas-themed clip art that you can use to decorate pages in your photo book. To do this, simply click on “Clip Art” from the dropdown menu and drag and drop them where you want.

    When adding song lyrics, make sure the font is easily readable and large enough. Fancy and squiggly font styles, for instance, are not very well suited for trying to read while singing together. The page layout of your songbook should also be clearly arranged to make it as easy as possible to read the lyrics. It could be a good idea to clearly separate two pages: one for pictures and the other for lyrics.

    Another idea could be to add a table of contents to the beginning of your songbook to make it easy to find the Christmas song you’re looking for quickly. Under the “Book” tab in the ifolor Designer you can also activate the option to show page numbers in the photo book.

    Ifolor Tip

    Add Christmassy or winter-themed photos as background pictures and blur them a bit to make the text stand out more. You can adjust the transparency of a photo in the ifolor Designer under the tab “Edit,” “Standard Effects,” and then “Contrast.”

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