• The photo banner chain

    The photo banner chain

    The personalised eye-catcher with your most beautiful photos

    You give your parties a very personal touch with a paper chain made up of photo banners. You also get a unique memory.

    Colour paper chains are always a great decoration for children’s birthdays, parties, club celebrations and also for sales stands. Depending on the motto, banners can put guests in the mood for the event, for example in the club colours. Take the idea that little bit further for a family party and use photos instead of coloured paper.

    Lined up on a paper chain, photo banners also tell the story of the event at the same time: children’s photos for children’s birthdays, holiday photos for a themed buffet, photos of the football team for the cup celebration – there is no limit to your creativity. However, a photo paper chain is not just a great eye-catcher during the party but also a wonderful memory afterwards. Don’t forget: anticipation of the upcoming event grows while you’re preparing for it.


    The photo banner chain

    How to proceed: Browse through your photos and have your favourites developed in the right size. We recommend slightly larger photos in the 20 centimetre format for the photo banner. Then cut the photos to an even size. This is easiest using a thin piece of cardboard as a template. Then fold the photos in the middle.

    All you need now is a piece of string, which you place in the fold of the photos. A colourful cord is very good for this. If necessary, make sure that the photos are in the right order and leave a bit of a gap between the banners. At the end stick the folded photos together so that they no longer slip on the string. The photo banner chain is ready! Naturally, you decide on the length yourself depending on the number of photos.

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