• Perfectly prepared for school.

    Perfectly prepared for school

    Personalised water bottle, book cover, pen holder, etc.

    School days can be quite a challenge: Getting to class on time, a varied timetable, being well prepared in every subject, homework, and of course hobbies after school. We'll show you how to organise your child's school supplies a little easier and make them a little more fun to help motivate your child.

    Make a personalised book cover from a photo poster.

    Making a book cover from a Photo Poster

    The hard-wearing ifolor Photo poster is perfect for a personalised exercise or homework book cover. Start by measuring the height and width of the book when opened. Don’t forget to add a little extra for the flaps that fold over the books original cover. A good idea is to use an old newspaper to make a template first. Next, select some great photos and order a Photo poster in the correct size from your measurements. This is a perfect project that you can do together with your child. You can create a colourful collage or add a full-size photo to the poster. Make sure that the subject of the photo has enough space to allow for the hidden folded bits.


    Some schools only allow transparent book covers. Ask the school beforehand to make sure they allow personalised book covers.

    Stay organised at school with Photo Stickers

    Create your own Photo stickers to personalise your child’s room drawers and cupboards, homework book, and much more. The hard-wearing photo stickers stick to almost anything, making labelling school bags, pencil case, and sports bag easy. There are lots of uses for these versatile Photo stickers, discover more ideas in our inspiration article.


    Create practical learning aids for your child using Photo memos. For example, vocabulary cards, unique memos of the best school trips, school excursions, and more.

    Personalised SIGG drinking bottle for school.

    A school SIGG bottle made with your own photo

    Staying hydrated is essential for learning, although this can be easily forgotten in the hustle and bustle of daily school life. Create a cool, robust, and environmentally friendly SIGG drinking bottle for your child. The practical tab on the cap makes it easy to carry everywhere with just one finger. Adding a favourite photo will make the drink bottle fun and won't be forgotten so easily.

    A cool pen holder made from a Photo mug

    Personalised pen holders not only add a personal touch to your desk but also increase motivation when studying and doing homework. Add photos of your child's favourite pet, some friends, or a memory of a special day to the mug and create a cool pen holder. It's a great way to keep their desk tidy and personalise their workspace.


    The best photos to use for photo products for your child are the unforgettable ones, for example, a fantastic holiday experience, or perhaps from their sports club. When they go back to school, they can take those special moments with them.

    Put the class photo in the limelight using a shake photo frame.

    Class photo in a shake photo frame

    Instead of letting the class photo collect dust in a draw, why not bring it into the limelight and enjoy it? A shake photo frame with its special effect is perfect for this. It’s easy to swap out the pictures and update your class photo. The frame comes with a choice of fillings, for example, glitter or sand would look great for a class photo. Your child will remember their classmates at home during the holidays or while being home-schooled.

    Make your own personal bookmark for school.

    Personalised bookmark

    A bookmark is the best way to quickly find where you last were in a book or a saved page in a textbook. You can make personalised bookmarks from photo prints, cardboard, or photo stickers. Surprise your child with a cool bookmark at the start of the new school year or enjoy some crafting by making it together.

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