• Photos in the shape of LOVE

    Craft a Personalised Declaration of Love – out of Photos

    A Creative Gift Idea for Valentine’s Day

    Let pictures speak on your behalf and declare your love for your partner as only you can. With some photos, crafting supplies, and a nice frame, you can whip up a unique gift with these two creative ideas.

    Use Your Favourite Photos in a Passe-Partout of LOVE

    A passe-partout is an original alternative to a simple photo collage and really catches the eye. In our example, we use the word “LOVE” for this passe-partout of your favourite photo memories.

    Before you start, you’re going to need:

    • A picture frame (we used one in 50 x 23 cm)
    • Construction or sugar paper in a preferred colour
    • Copies of your favourite photos of you and/or your partner
    • A pencil, ruler, scissors, and craft glue
    Crafting tools for a unique passe-partout

    For the picture frame, naturally you can pick any format you prefer. What’s important is that the letters of the passe-partout are large enough to be clearly distinguished. We used a longer (rather than taller) frame so the letters of “LOVE” fit well next to each other while also allowing room for the photos in the letters. In a classic square frame, for example, you can present the letters as a block. With “LOVE” you can halve the word and place the second half below the first.

    When choosing your sugar paper, out of which you’re going to be cutting your letters, you can choose any colour you like. However, you want the colour of your paper and photos to harmonise. If you’re using colour photographs, neutral or muted tones suit best, or black or white. We used black and white photos with white sugar paper.

    Letters will be cut from the sugar paper

    After you have cut your sugar paper to fit within the picture frame, you can trace or draw the letters with your pencil. It’s best to draw with the aid of a ruler, in order to ensure consistent sizing and spacing, paying close attention to proximity of the frame. Afterwards, carefully cut out the letters. Now you can arrange your photos behind the passe-partout, making sure the most important parts are visible. Ensure above all that the faces are visible.

    Photos are arranged behind the passe-partout

    Once you’re satisfied with the photos’ arrangement, you’ll need to affix them to the paper. Apply your craft glue to the backside of the paper, around 1 to 2 cm from the edge of the letters. Then firmly place your photos on the back of the paper. After allowing the glue to dry, put it in the picture frame. Your passe-partout is ready for Valentine’s Day!

    Fertiges Passepartout mit Fotos

    Matching photo frames for your photos

    When placing an order at ifolor you can choose a matching photo frame for your digital photos and photo posters. The photo frames are made from sustainably produced solid European wood and they are available in all sizes to match your prints or your own creative DIY project. Select the size and chose the frame colour: painted lime wood in black, white or natural oak.

    from from per-item

    Declare Your Love—with the Shape of Your Body

    Instead of a passe-partout, you can also build the word “love” by becoming the alphabet yourself—that is to say, shaping your whole body or just your hands into individual letters of a word. Again, we used the word “LOVE.” For this, you’re going to need:

    • A camera
    • A picture frame (we used one in the size 50 x 23 cm)
    • Construction or sugar paper in the colour of your choosing
    • Scissors and glue
    Picture frame, crafting supplies, and letter photos

    Next, you’re going to need an appropriate backdrop in front of which you’ll be clear and easy to see. A white or mono-coloured wall is best in order to create the right contrast. You can also wear dark clothing in order to strengthen the contrast between you and the background.

    It would also be helpful to get the help of a second person and a camera tripod. With a tripod you can choose a consistent frame for each photo. Your friend, acting as a photographer, can not only help you create the right poses, but also correct the little details in order to make your letters easier to distinguish. This also prevents you from having to run back and forth between the frame and the camera, although you can of course use your self-timer.

    Photos are organised next to one another on sugar paper

    To prevent your photos being too serious, wear a silly face or your most beautiful smile. Once your photos are perfect and printed, you can begin putting everything together. Cut your sugar paper to fit the size of your picture frame. Now order your photos on the paper, paying close attention to where the border of the frame will be once mounted. The photos work particularly well in the shape of a circle or square. Because it’s Valentine’s Day, try heart shapes. To finish, glue your photos on the paper and mount it in the frame.


    Save yourself the trouble of cropping your photos and order Square Prints already in a cool square format! They come as a set of 24 in 10x10 cm with an option for a white boarder. Square Prints will save you time cutting your photos for the frame and you have a few more souvenir photos to decorate your home.

    Picture frame with photos spelling out “LOVE.”

    With these unusual craft ideas, you can declare your feelings to your sweetheart in a special way. Enjoy crafting, and even more so gifting!



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