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A side portrait that shows a couple when viewed with the case’s counterpart.

Valentine’s Day Partner Smartphone Case

An especially unique idea for Valentine’s Day: with an individually designed partner smartphone case you’ll always be by your sweetheart’s side. And them with you.

A Shared Experience

Just a lovely photo of the two of you together - that’s all you’ll need to create your own partner smartphone case. If you just can’t decide which photo to use you can also create a small collage with up to six great photos of the two of you. Simply choose a suitable layout and position your photos on the smartphone case.

Two Halves Make a Whole

A creative suggestion for this gift idea is to create two smartphone cases that fit together. Similar to friendship pendants, the whole picture becomes visible when the two cases are next to each other. You could either split a photo of the two of you together and place each half of the photo on two smartphone cases or you could use two different photos that go well with each other. Some ideas for fitting motifs are the two of you kissing or perhaps a humorous portrait. Such a design will ensure your better half is always by your side.

A Message of Love

Not only your great photos will lend a personal touch to your Valentine’s Day gift. You can also take a piece of paper and write your own personal message in colour with curvy lines and/or other small design elements. You can then scan or photograph the piece of paper and then position your message on the smartphone case just like a photo. You can also use this idea to add a lipstick kiss. Try it out for yourself!

Creating Your Smartphone Case

The ifolor smartphone case is available for many different iPhone models. When creating your own smartphone case, start out by selecting the model of your iPhone and choose whether you’d like a glossy or matte finish.

Depending on how many photos you’d like to place on your smartphone case, there are a number of design layouts available for you to use. After choosing a suitable layout, you can select photos from your computer or online sources such as Facebook and position them on the pictured case.

To make sure you end up with the perfect image section you’ll have the ability to change the position of your photo(s), rotate the photo(s), or even make some last minute edits.

If you decide you’d actually like to go with a different layout, you can change the layout in this editing window or use a layout from another iPhone model.

Once you’ve created your smartphone case you’re all set to order it online.


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