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    Ordering photo products directly from Apple "Photos"

    Apple stopped its photo service on 30 September. ifolor provides suitable Apple software to still conjure up brilliant gifts.

    Thanks to ifolor, photo books can still be ordered using the “Photos” app from Apple

    Apple announced this summer that it is no longer printing its own photo books, cards and prints and stopping the service on 30 September.

    To still be able to order photo books, prints, photo gifts and even wall decorations directly from the Apple “Photos” software, ifolor has developed a practical software extension that is automatically installed with the ifolor Designer for Mac. This software has undergone extensive testing and both options, the extension through Apple “Photos” and “ifolor Designer for Mac” have been compared with each other.

    Goodbye Apple photo books - hello ifolor Designer

    Various products can be printed with your favourite photos with just a few clicks and just in time for the rapidly approaching season of gifts. Installing ifolor Designer is simple and can be done directly using the extension in “Photos” in the Mac App Store. By the way, ifolor has the best rating by far from 4 providers!

    The software offers two integrations with one installation. One the Apple extension for the “Photos” app and the ifolor Designer for Mac, which has a large range of functions. In short: integration in Photos is perfect for anyone who is in a hurry and only wants to order small numbers or individual products. The famous Apple look and feel has also been adopted so you can quickly and easily find your favourite products.

    ifolor Designer for Mac, on the other hand, leaves nothing to be desired and turns every photo book and gift into a personal, unique one-off. And in contrast to the Apple photo book service, the ifolor products are available in Swiss quality with fast delivery times and the option of also ordering the photo book as an e-book.

    ifolor Designer – the all-round talent

    ifolor Designer for Mac impresses me straight away: there are lots of templates, each page can be adapted at any time with a different arrangement of the photos and the photos that have already been used stay in the album. Very helpful if you decide you would rather show 6 instead of just 4 photos on one page. At the end of the day, you don’t want to miss out any memories!

    If a box should happen to be too short or long, this can be easily adjusted to what you want with just one click. As a result, every photo book can be created anyway you like. Practical: The design can also be changed again later, if you realise while you’re creating it that you would in fact like a different format or layout.

    Extension or rather ifolor Designer?

    I recommend that anyone who wants to get to their photo book effectively and quickly use the ifolor extension in the Mac “Photos” app. Also practical: simply create a photo with “Photo prints”, collect the best photos and place a collective order every few months.

    ifolor Designer’s advantages

    • Larger range of functions for design
    • Photo calendar option
    • Prices are visible when you start the project
    • Better suited to a large number of photos
    • Project assistant allows you to import from other sources, for example Facebook, hard drive, Photos etc.
    • Photos can be viewed in the year folder
    • The whole Photos app structure is visible at any time
    • Prints can be cropped
    • Orders for various products can be saved in the shopping basket

    Apple extension’s advantages:

    • More for “small orders” and less complex content
    • Quick & easy to order prints
    • Practical for individual gifts
    • Well-known Apple handling
    • Each product group has to be ordered individually

    Practical image optimisation

    Not every snapshot is always perfectly lit? Anyone who doesn’t want to edit every single photo individually can use the ifolor image optimisation. When it’s activated, every single photo is instantly improved at the ifolor lab. This option is available in the ifolor Designer and the extension and is extremely practical and time-saving. Making your personalised wall photos a real highlight in your home.

    So! And now it’s time to make someone happy for a long time with little effort.


    Mona Sorcelli, #Geekmom, Apple enthusiast & co-working founder, loves discovering new gadgets and tools. She has been managing the balancing act between iPad and building bricks since November 2013, is also self-employed, does voluntary work and started her first blog in 1999. As a passionate photo book maker for happy family memories, she has tested out the photo book options for us and is extremely impressed.

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