• Design a mouse pad pinboard using your own photos

    Make Your Own Photo Pinboard out of ifolor Mouse Pads

    Everyone’s been there: during another hectic workday you’re bound to write lots of important notes and reminders down on paper. All of these pieces of paper can quickly clutter your desk, especially if you have a smaller workspace. Many people use a run-of-the-mill cork bulletin board to help keep the chaos to a minimum. These, however, are often much too small and they can also be an eyesore. A creative alternative to the boring bulletin board that will also free up some space is to make your own pinboard out of several individualised photo mouse pads. Here we’ll give you some tips for designing and creating your very own.

    Make Use of Your Wall Space

    A messy workspace can impede workflow and can even lead to writer’s block or negatively affect your productivity. If you can’t keep an overview of your notes or you always have to search for them, this will end up costing you time and your workspace will become chaotic and unorganised. A self-designed pinboard made with individualised mouse pads makes the most of your wall space and offers you an alternative place for your reminders. Thanks to their soft plastic material, mouse pads are a wonderful alternative for sticking metal pins and also for placing your Post-its on them.

    Since you’ll be making your own pinboard out of individual mouse pads, you can adjust the size of the pinboard to fit the allotted wall space. Depending on your own personal preferences, you can make your own pinboard in the shape of a rectangle or square, or perhaps any other shape so you can get the most out of the amount of space you have available. You can also combine your mouse pads in any mix of colour, shape, or pattern. This will allow you to make your white walls a bit more colourful. Also, thanks to the ease of sticking your mouse pads on the wall or removing them, it’s simple to enlarge or make your pinboard smaller at any time.

    The ifolor mouse pad pinboard with the photo calendar template

    How Its Done:

    You can create your very own mouse pad pinboard in three simple steps:

    1. Go to ifolor and choose your favourite design out of our various creative design templates. Let your creativity run wild and personalise your mouse pads with your own personal photos. Photos such as those from your last beach holiday could also lend a relaxing vibe to your workspace. You could also create a mouse pad as a photo calendar. Just affix it to the wall and you’ve always got an overview of the whole year right in front of you.
    2. Look for suitable adhesive strips. These small all-rounders are perfect for affixing light and flat objects on a wall. Just place them in the right spot and firmly press them on the mouse pad for a couple of seconds. Then remove the protective film and you’re ready to affix it to the wall. You should keep in mind, however, what kind of material your wall is made of when choosing which adhesive strips to use. Ordinary adhesive strips are most suitable to use on smooth surfaces such as glass or synthetic material. If you use them on wallpapered surfaces, on the other hand, and want to remove them later, very often the adhesive strips will rip off some of the wallpaper and you’ll be left with unsightly marks. Thus, if you want to stick your mouse pads on wallpapered surfaces, you should be sure to purchase adhesive strips specially made for such surfaces. These strips will make it possible to remove your mouse pads later should you wish without leaving behind marks.
    3. To really show off your pinboard make sure it’s positioned as level as possible on your wall. Here it’s recommended to align the mouse pads with other things such as door edges, windows, or shelves. To correctly do this, it’s recommended to use a level. The middle of the pinboard should be at about eye-level, that is to say at a height of about 1.6 metres. Should it be more often used/seen from a sitting position, e.g. from a chair or sofa, then you can of course hang it a bit lower. Here it’d be ideal to lightly mark the desired outlines of your pinboard with a pencil and then individually align each mouse pad accordingly. For an optimal effect the spaces between the mouse pads should all be identical and be hung at the same height. Now all you have to do is affix the mouse pads to the wall with adhesive strips and firmly press them to the wall for a few seconds.After you’re finished, just quickly check that everything’s firmly in place. Now you’ve got your very own self-designed ifolor mouse pad pinboard.

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