• Motivating Resolutions in Your Own Photo Flip for 2020

    Motivating Resolutions in Your Own Photo Flip for 2020

    24 Personal Photos and Good Intentions

    We’re all familiar with making resolutions for New Year’s, like losing weight, reading more, cooking more often, and many more. You’re also probably familiar with the pressure and coercion that tend to accompany resolutions. Why not put a positive spin on these goals and let yourself be inspired. Motivating resolutions that will do you some good - 24 times throughout the year.

    This of course works best when you combine your own images and photos with these positive resolutions. The photo flip from ifolor comes with 24 pages ready for you to design. This will allow you to flip forward and back as much as you want throughout the year to re-motivate yourself time and again. Its size of 16.7 x 12.5 cm enables it to fit in a bookshelf at home or your office at work. This will allow you to always keep your resolutions in sight and not end up already forgetting them by the end of January.

    With a photo flip you can brilliantly display your resolutions for the New Year and prevent them from being forgotten

    Designing a Photo Flip with Resolutions

    First start out by considering what kinds of resolutions you’d like to make for the coming year.

    Some classic New Year’s resolutions are:

    • Quitting smoking
    • Losing 5 kilos
    • Working out more
    • Eating healthier

    Keep in mind that you don’t have to completely reinvent yourself over the course of the year. That’s hardly possible for anyone to do. Set some realistic goals for yourself and don’t forget that keeping your New Year’s resolutions can also be fun.

    You could, for instance, make resolutions to:

    • Start going to the theatre again
    • Visit your parents once a month
    • Treat yourself with a massage
    • Try out a new recipe

    Once you’ve decided on your resolutions for the coming year, you just need some suitable photos to go along with them. For this, you can go through your own photo collection or search online. For this Christmas present to yourself you could also shoot a couple of extra photos during the winter holidays or at home.

    The photo flip from ifolor is available in either portrait or landscape format. During the order process, the designer will be opened where you can upload your photos. Select your 24 photos and wait until they’re all uploaded for the designer to work well. You can then choose one of three templates: only images, images with text above, or images with text below.

    You’ll also have many different font styles and colours to choose from. In darker portions of the photo, for instance, a white font stands out much better.

    Design a photo flip using your resolutions for the coming year - with photos and text

    Directly Integrate Your Resolutions in the Photos

    You could, of course, edit your photos and add text to them before uploading. An option could be to add a new recipe to try out to a matching photo. You can edit your photos with popular image-editing software like Photoshop or GIMP. A simple and free-of-charge alternative is to edit your photos online using fotor. This site offers user-friendly photo-editing resources such as text, stickers, frames, as well as filter effects. The site will give you detailed instructions through the first steps. Select “Edit” to make changes to your own photos or to add graphic elements. After editing your photos you can easily download and save them in JPG format.

    Now you can upload your 24 edited photos to the ifolor website as you normally would and order your photo flip. Your handy photo flip will be delivered to your door in just a few days. In order to begin the next year with a good start, design your own New Year’s resolution photo flip here.

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