• The most beautiful moments

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    Live out your passion for photography and create a photo book with the most beautiful moments

    Photography has always been your passion, you love photography, making your home beautiful with all kinds of photos or giving away memories. Beautiful light, an interesting background, children playing and click, the snapshot’s in the box forever.

    In her blog, Marie Biondini tells you what matters to her when creating a photo book.

    The most beautiful moments

    The eternal mission of capturing memories

    Of course, I work at amateur level. There are worlds between mere enjoyment of photography and professional photography but the feeling of being able to capture a moment and emotions to relive the experience again and again, just has a hold on me. It feels like I'm on an eternal mission.

    I love surrounding myself with memories, and I want to keep them as beautiful as possible, but also as true and natural as possible. Which is why I've been regularly turning to Jana Sebestova, a professional photographer and good friend, for years, and booking her for professional family shoots. I love her style with family portraits, because she portrays us as we are, in our chaos, with our laughter and our love. She always manages to capture the magical moments just as they are and each of her shots is pure emotion. When I look at these pictures, they awaken the same feelings in me as then... because every picture tells a story – our story.

    The most beautiful moments

    Special memories, framed and given away

    A memory can make different corners of a house more beautiful in a very special way. Like the area I'm just preparing for our bedroom: a wall with a series of black and white snapshots depicting our family during its most important moments. A good photographer’s eye is something special and unique. However, it is just as important to be able to rely on quality for printing the photos. There are reputable suppliers with high-quality products, which are designed to last a long time and will not be damaged even after years and exposure to sunlight.

    The name I trust is ifolor and, like me, it’s "Swiss Made"!

    The most beautiful moments
    The most beautiful moments

    Photo books as Christmas presents

    When I was pregnant with Viola and later with Tobia, I made some photo books with my best pictures. Quite a bit of time has now passed but the grandparents are going to get a nice surprise at Christmas again this year.

    In my latest "Tobia, Olivia and Filippo 2018” photo book with 48 pages, I have captured the most beautiful photos that represent this great year best. Clean graphics, excellent quality and fast delivery times, and the best thing is: it's totally easy. Undoubtedly, none of the much-anticipated gifts will be missing under the Christmas tree!

    Lovely memories of the grandchildren

    Since becoming a mother, one thing has become a tradition with us: to have the grandchildren close in an original and beautiful way, no matter how far away they live. Last year in the form of a beautiful wall calendar – or as a creative greeting card! These are perfect for thanking friends and distant relatives. ifolor offers a wide variety of layouts to choose beautiful and easy options from.

    These are my tips for you! And remember to capture and give away your best moments! As sometimes it doesn’t take much to make those you love happy and it doesn’t get much more personal than a photo.

    Lots of love,


    Marie Biondini

    Marie Biondini

    Marie Biondini of "easymomswissmade" is a passionate blogger. She lives with her husband and three children in the Italian part of Switzerland and tells about the adventures that she experiences with her family in a heartfelt way, capturing it all in photos.

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