• Design a magic photo mug using your own picture

    Create magical moments with a Magic photo mug

    Design a unique photo mug with a surprise effect

    Thanks to the special thermal coating, the Magic photo mug has a little surprise. At a first glance, the simple, black mug looks normal and a little plane, but when the mug is filled with hot liquid such as coffee or tea, the photo magically appears. A good idea for the magic photo mug is to announce a special message or for those small magical moments in everyday life. We have collected four design ideas for the magic photo mug that are simple and fun.

    Announce a pregnancy to the grandparents-to-be using a magic photo mug.

    Special news announcement

    Sharing special news with loved ones should be done in a special way. A self-designed magic photo mug is the perfect way to deliver that special news. You could use the mug to tell your grandparents-to-be and soon-to-be godmother the happy news about your pregnancy. Invite them for a coffee or tea date and enjoy the moment when the message slowly appears on the mug before their eyes. The perfect surprise!


    Use the photo cup for a unique and fun marriage proposal by printing the big question on the side of the mug. The next time you have tea or coffee together, you will be sure to have something to celebrate!

    Start the day with some extra motivation with your favourite quote on your magic photo mug.

    Morning Motivation

    A magic photo mug is a perfect way to start the day motivated: print your favourite saying or a quote and watch it appear each morning with your coffee. You could add a special photo along with the quote to add your own personal touch. You can use a personal picture, a picture of a plant, or a graphic of your choice. Use your imagination and create something wonderful on your heat changing mug.

    Design a photo mug with a picture of a lovely sunset.

    Magical Sunsets

    At the beach, in the mountains, above a skyline, or over wide-open fields - a sunset always looks magical and calming. Add your favourite sunset photo to create a photo cup for those moments of relaxation. Choose any photo or even a lovely graphic. Bring that magical sunset into your life either for a relaxing break or to unwind in the evening.

    Send a message of love to your partner/ best friend with the magic photo mug.

    Message your favourite person

    Use a magic mug to send everyday or special love messages. For Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, a birthday, or ‘just because’, send your love to your favourite people in a special way with a self-designed heat changing mug. Simply, print a beautiful photo or even a colourful collage of yourselves and add a personal message and the new owner of the mug can enjoy it each time they have a hot drink.

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