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    A glimpse into the LittleCITY office

    If you regularly visit our channels, you maybe wouldn’t think it but we spend quite a lot of time at our home office. In fact, always when we’re not travelling for a project or exploring the world privately. And there our job often looks like a "normal" office job. In the morning we sit at the computer, writing, planning, editing, cutting or making phone calls and now and again we head out for a meeting, a job or other appointments.

    What’s not quite as normal is the little break on our new swing, hanging in the middle of the office… And it’s this and other insights into our office, I’d like to show you today.


    Our LittleCITY home office is ready!

    We moved over a while ago. We are very lucky to have a whole floor just for the office in our new home. Something I was really looking forward to. Because when you’re self-employed, it’s sometimes difficult to switch off and simply leave work at work. And when I still have all the to-do lists and documents in my living room, it’s definitely harder for me.

    Because our new office is now located on one floor, where the warehouse for our online shop, all the camera equipment and Adi’s DIY film studio have space, I can now manage to separate work from my private life a bit better. Even though I still have to work on that a bit. But I still regularly worked in the living room until just recently. Due to the many trips and various projects and assignments, we never really got to finish furnishing the office. I’ve never felt 100% comfortable in it, although I find the space incredibly beautiful! This was probably simply because I always had what still had to be done at the back of my mind. But luckily that’s finally all over!

    What was missing for a long time were two things: our home-made, cuddly indoor swing, which we’d set our minds on from the very first day, as well as pictures on the walls.

    Now they are both standing or hanging and I finally feel really comfortable in our LittleCITY office. And our friends don’t want to sit with us in the living room any more either but would rather join us around or on our swing in the office.


    Our DIY swing in the office

    By the way, a swing for the living room or office is not that difficult to make yourself. You can also buy ready-made sets though.

    For us, the space in the office was ideal because we could attach it to the large beams. But you can also hang a swing in your living room, provided you have a clear path to swing. Otherwise it soon gets dangerous. But I promise you, such a swing is so much fun!

    You can find a lot of inspiration if you’re interested in the topic on Pinterest. Just look for "swing living room" or "indoor swing".

    Memories on the walls

    As far as the pictures for our office walls are concerned, we had the privilege of working together with ifolor, where I’ve been a customer myself for many years. I’d already ordered some photo books (unfortunately almost all before our blog times) from there and every now and then "normal" photos on paper too. I’m therefore all the more thrilled to be working with ifolor again.

    I love looking not just digitally at photos! A "real" picture, whether printed on photo paper or on the walls, simply conveys much more emotion than if you just look at it on the screen. Don’t you agree?

    However, choosing the pictures was relatively difficult for me, which is surely also related to the fact that tens of thousands of photos have accumulated over the last years. But now I am very satisfied with the result and it will certainly not be the last prints I’ll order for our walls.


    Which type of print is most suitable?

    For the processing of the pictures I opted for the Aluminium Dibond prints in 60×90 cm. A fantastically beautiful, high-quality product. The pictures printed on aluminium composite sheets are also relatively light, which I found very pleasant for hanging them up. A dear friend saw the pictures last weekend and ordered a print straight away. I think that says it all, don’t you?
    The crucial factor for me choosing Aluminium Dibond prints was the fact that we have windows on all sides and due to their matt surface they don’t reflect. Personally, I just think that’s nicer.

    I also decided on a graphic or a text besides my own photos too. I bought it for a few francs on Etsy and then ordered it as Aluminium Dibond, just like the photos.

    I had incidentally ordered a picture in cooperation with ifolor a few years ago. Back then, it was a Gallery Print for the living room. These prints are very high quality and I can also recommend them to you. The Gallery Prints are better suited to places where there’s no direct light on the picture. This is because the glass on the surface reflects relatively strongly when exposed to direct light.

    Next to my second desk, which is reserved only for the LittleCITY shop and packing orders, you can also see a small picture of the Bergsee Bungalow. I simply had to capture our favourite project from 2017 somewhere! Here I opted for a wall display with a frameless wooden board (reflective).

    The LittleCITY wooden sign on the left-hand wall, which is home-made, was given to us by a dear friend by the way. A real little gem!

    By the way, if you’re thinking where’s Adi’s office table in the photos now, you’re not mistaken. If you follow him on Instagram you might already have had one or two glimpses into his domain in his story. Next door there is a small room where Adi mostly works and where he has set up his DIY film studio.

    Behind the follow-me picture from Jordan, one of my favourite pictures from the last years by the way, there’s also a small bathroom. However, we don’t use it as a bathroom. The room is mainly used as a warehouse for packaging material and storage space for photo boxes, tripods, whiteboards, etc. And for our (far too rarely used) ironing board.
    That wraps up the little peek into my office. I hope you enjoyed the blog!

    Where do you prefer working at home? In an office, in comfort on the sofa or preferably at the living room table?

    Kind regards,


    Valeria and Adi from LittleCITY are content creators, bloggers and online shop owners with a passion! They have been reporting about travel, food and all the beautiful things that life has to offer on since 2012. LittleCITY is not just available as a blog though but also in the form of videos produced by Adi. The two of them have spiced up their office with ifolor wall decorations and show you these in their blog.

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