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    Gizmo visits the Zurich office

    Today, 20 February, is Love Your Pet Day. We invited Gizmo, an employee’s cat, to visit us in Zurich. 

    You can follow everything that Gizmo got up to in our office here. We also prepared surprises for this great visit, that might inspire you too.

    Arriving at the ifolor office


    We organised a little house for Gizmo so that he feels at home in our office. At the end of the day, cats love a box (little house). 


    First of all, he inspected his new surroundings, while more and more employees wanted to welcome the little cat. As Gizmo is very sociable, he wasn’t shy at all and had a friendly greeting for everyone.


    But then he discovered his little cardboard house and hogged it straight away. He sits, sleeps and plays in his new home all day.

    Gizmo’s feeding mug

    A photo mug for Gizmo

    Gizmo’s feeding mug

    It goes without saying that we would feed Gizmo too. As he’s a bit picky though, he brought his own food with him. As the food bag is really rather large, we gave him a little accessory: a mug that is used as a feeding mug. With its own scale.

    Gizmo - Caticorn

    A slightly different photo mug

    Photo mugs don’t always have to be created with just one simple photo. We were creative for Gizmo and transformed him into a caticorn (unicorn) without further ado. Would you also like this kind of photo mug?

    Exploring the office


    Our office appears to be very comfortable. Naturally, the cat runs around under the chairs and tables.


    Gizmo watches our busy staff at work. We love the change that the little cat brings to our everyday work.


    He struts through the corridors as if he were at home here, totally curious about who’s going to come through the door next.

    Gizmo’s story

    A photo book for Gizmo

    Gizmo’s story

    As there are lots of wonderful photos of Gizmo, he was allowed to create a whole book with his family. They selected the photo book Premium photo paper in matt and with flat pages for this. As a result, the photos are shown off brilliantly over two pages.


    A look at the book

    You can take a look at Gizmo’s complete photo book online. His whole life story is documented there in the form of a picture book. 

    The photo shoot & a meeting


    Don’t you think that Gizmo cuts a fine figure with his bow? He made himself really comfortable in one of our meeting rooms and we were able to take a few photos of him.


    He poses like a model as if a photo shoot is a matter of course for him.


    Gizmo also joins in a meeting. He sits on a chair and listens attentively as if he belongs to ifolor.

    Video of the meeting



    Gizmo is a Scottish Fold cat and is 2 years old. What is typical of him is that he likes hiding in cardboard boxes, is very curious and sits on chairs, just like a person. Gizmo lives in Zurich and is always up for new adventures.

    You can follow Gizmo on Instagram here.

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