• Use a photo of your pet to make a photo puzzle.

    An Individual photo puzzle with up to 1500 pieces

    Special puzzle fun both small and large

    Create a photo puzzle using your favourite image: use photos from summer or winter, with friends, family or alone- it’s a great original gift idea for both young and old. Now create an even larger puzzle than the original 50- or 196- pieces, with the 500- , 1000- , or 1500- pieces! We'll show you some ideas of how to make a photo puzzle and how you can turn it into a unique gift.

    Don’t be puzzled- get ideas for great Photo Puzzles

    We have collected a few ideas how to turn your Photo Puzzle into an exciting gift, a great game, a home decoration, or even a marriage proposal. Depending on what you have in mind, who you are designing the puzzle for, and how much spare time you have, your ideas can be made into smaller puzzles if needed - especially if it is made into a gift certificate or a gift for a small child. They also work with the larger photo puzzles, if you have more time and ideas.

    How to create Photo Puzzle

    You can create your Photo Puzzle in several sizes, so the first thing to do is select a size or number of pieces. The puzzle is available with 50-, 196-, 500-, 1000- or 1500- pieces. Next select portrait or landscape format and a design template that you like. We have a wide range of design templates, from simple designs to frames, collages, and layouts with a text field.

    A gift certificate for an experience is a great idea for birthdays, Easter, Mother's Day & much more. Make the gift voucher even more exciting by designing your voucher as a Photo Puzzle. Simply use a design template with a text field, then add photos and your coupon text.


    You will receive the Photo Puzzle in a gift box along with a print of your image as a template. Remember to remove the printed image from the box before giving it, to keep the finished puzzle a surprise- especially if it is a gift certificate.

    Gifts with a memorable and personal touch are particularly well-received on any occasion. With the ifolor Photo Puzzle, you can be creative and create unique gifts. A colourful frame made of puzzle pieces to create a special photo or a picture that's only half puzzled - here we show you creative handicraft ideas with puzzles.

    Proposing marriage with a Photo Puzzle

    Are you looking for a special way to propose? Create a very special Photo Puzzle, which only reviles the important question when it is complete! This will surely add a surprise factor to your proposal!

    Every good party has a guestbook, which acts as a great reminder all your wonderful guests. You can create a very special guestbook using a black and white Photo Puzzle, a waterproof pen and a canvas. Let the guests write their best wishes and messages on the individual puzzle pieces and then you can display them with a canvas or beautiful souvenir photos.

    An exciting treasure hunt is a great party game for your little adventurers. Use a Photo Puzzle to design the treasure map to add a little extra excitement. Simply draw a map and scan it as a picture file, then create it as you would with a normal picture using a 50-piece puzzle.

    Have fun with your personal Photo Puzzle!

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