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    Christmas-Themed Table Decorations

    Personally Design Your Own Place Cards, Menus, and Stand-Up Displays

    Christmas is the time for festively decorated homes – Christmas decorations, lights, candles, and the Christmas tree bring along with them a cosy atmosphere. To ensure the festive ambiance turns out perfect, we’ll show you some wonderful ideas and crafting tips you can utilise to create your own individualised table decorations using self-designed photo greeting cards and natural winter materials for your dinner table.

    Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Christmas Table Decorations

    First start out by thinking about what kind of colour scheme you’d like to use for your design to ensure you end up with harmonious and stylish Christmas table decorations when finished. You could, for instance, stick to one colour or think of a theme to stick to while designing your decorations. Afterwards, look for wonderful winter motifs and photos of your guests that you can use to design your own individualised photo greeting cards.


    Personalised Place Cards

    If you’ve planned a large Christmas feast and invited friends or perhaps the whole family to attend, you could use your photo greeting cards as place cards. For these, search for photos of your guests taken while doing something together. Then, use these to design a high-quality photo greeting card. Photo greeting cards are more robust than normal photos and there are numerous design templates for you to choose from – you can also use these to add your own personal Christmas greetings while designing.

    A self-designed menu made from a Maxicard

    Self-Designed Menus

    Prominently display the menu of your feast for your guests with completely original menus for each table setting. Use the front side of the menu card to display a nice photo of the guest or perhaps a group photo. Then design the reverse side of the menu card with the different courses of your feast accompanied with your own personal Christmas greetings. Whether printed directly on the card or written by hand – your personal message is sure to be well-received by your guests.

    Photo Greeting Cards Accentuated by Paper Cut-Outs – A Creative Eye-Catcher

    In order to make your menu or place cards especially eye-catching, you can accentuate them with a paper cut-out.

    For these, first take a piece of paper that fits the colour scheme of your table decorations and that’s either the same size as or smaller than your photo greeting card. Fold the paper. Then cut out your desired pattern along the fold. Fitting motifs for this idea could be snowflakes or Christmas trees.

    Then you can take your paper cut-out and affix it to your menu or place cards with glue to end up with a 3D look.

    Crafting Festive Stand-Up Displays Yourself – How It’s Done

    To enable you to stylishly present your place and menu cards on your festively decorated table, we’ll show you a brilliant crafting idea for completely original DIY stand-up displays. You’ll only need a few fir cones or wooden disks and a saw.
    DIY stand-up displays for your photo greeting cards

    How It’s Done:

    1. Procure some fir cones or wooden disks as well as wooden snowflakes or stars to use for stands and some craft glue. The fir cones should be as large and robust as possible. Gather together the whole family and go outside together on a winter stroll to look for the natural materials necessary for this project. Alternatively, you could also use thin wooden disks. If you’d like to avoid having to saw off a tree branch yourself, you can find the necessary materials in a home improvement store or online. Materials for crafting Christmas decorations are especially plentiful in the colder winter months.

    2. This step is where the saw comes in. Carefully cut a groove at the top of the pine cone or middle of the wooden disk. This is where you’ll later set the place cards or menus. You can then affix the two together with a bit of glue.

    3. To spruce up your table decorations a bit, you can then glue the fir cones and wooden disks to a candle holder or a wooden snowflake, both of which can be found in any craft store. This will provide your card holders with a stabile stand.
    DIY stand-up displays for your table decorations

    Product Tips:

    Unfolded greeting cards are most suitable for making your place cards and menus, such as 10 x 20 format greeting cards or the Maxicard. You can then cut these out to fit your needs. In our Online Editor you’ll have numerous Christmas-themed design templates to choose from. All you’ll have left to do is add your own great photos and a saying of your choice or a personalised message and you’ll be all finished with creating your own personalised table decorations for the holiday season.

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