• Good Mood Calendar

    The calendar that puts you in a good mood!

    Of course, calendars with your favourite photos and memories from years gone by are great. But I’m going to show you how to turn a traditional calendar into your own personal good mood calendar with some simple tips and tricks.

    Good Mood Calendar

    What makes you happy?

    The first step in creating your good mood calendar is to rummage through your snaps, picking out those that spark the best memories. It doesn’t matter if at first glance you feel they don’t belong on a calendar! The main thing is that they make you feel good. I’ll explain in a moment why it makes sense to include your all-time greatest chocolate cake in a calendar.

    Of course, the pictures don’t all have to be your own. Maybe you’ve seen a picture elsewhere that particularly appeals to you – it could be a holiday destination that you simply have to visit, or a cute animal that makes you smile every time.

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    Spring, summer, autumn or winter?

    The next job is to sort the images. You decide which picture belongs in which month. If summer always means homemade iced tea with your friends – it’s off to July with that picture! Preferably accompanied by your favourite iced tea recipe or one that you’ve been wanting to try out for a long time. Planning a trip to New Zealand in February? Then that picture of the summer beaches belongs in February. Fortunately, it’s easy to move the images back and forth in the ifolor Editor until you are completely happy.

    If you have more than 12 pictures, that’s not a problem either. Some of them can surely be combined into a small collage.

    Positive vibes only!

    Now we’re ready to get creative: it’s time to caption your good mood photos. The only limit is your imagination!

    Good Mood Calendar
    Good Mood Calendar

    I have captioned some photos with to-do’s which I would like to achieve in that month and which will bring me enjoyment!

    Good Mood Calendar
    Good Mood Calendar

    Places that I really liked or would like to visit, I have simply noted in my calendar. And my calendar will definitely stop me from forgetting about them!

    Good Mood Calendar

    This of course includes my favourite restaurants and favourite dishes. Who knows, maybe I’ll visit them more often in my chosen calendar month?

    Good Mood Calendar
    Good Mood Calendar

    Where I have pictures that are particularly special to me, I have added sayings or quotations that I would like to live by or that I find especially motivating.

    These are just a few examples that I have added to my own personal calendar. You can of course do much more in your custom calendar! This year I’m going to go skiing at least twice, spend my birthday at the beach, play in the woods with the kids once a week, bake my favourite cake, etc., etc., etc.

    Which calendar is right for me?

    The easy option:

    The simplest option is the standard wall calendar. As with all ifolor calendars, you are free to choose your own start month. Whether in A3 or A4, landscape or portrait, silk-matt or high gloss – this option offers everything you could wish for. But the best part is that you can individually caption each month in a special box (you can of course choose your font and letter size!). This saves you from having to caption the pictures beforehand in an app or on your laptop.

    Good Mood Calendar

    For big, well-organised families or chaotic house shares:

    Lots of people in a household also means lots of schedules to coordinate! With the family calendar, everyone has their own section in which to add birthdays, football training or other events. You can either divide the calendar up, assigning everyone their own months to design around their personal good mood bringers, or you can think about shared goals and motivations. You might decide to repaint the kitchen in April or go to swimming at least once a week in July!

    For the ultimate in motivation:

    By opting for a desk calendar for your office, you’ll always have your good mood bringer right in front of your eyes. That way you will definitely not forget any of your monthly goals or motivational mantras! The desk calendar also makes a wonderful gift. Share the joy with your friends! In this way, you can share snaps of you all together or your best recipes – or just tell them again how much they mean to you!

    Good Mood Calendar

    Feeling inspired? Then share your best good mood tips with us on Instagram using #ifolormoments!


    If you’re in a real hurry or need a last-minute gift, you can also design your wall calendar on our ifolor app! The calendar will be with you in no time!

    Samira Hammami

    Samira Hammami

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