• Forever photos. 60 years of lasting photo memories

    Forever photos. 60 years of lasting photo memories

    A lot has happened since 1961, not just at ifolor but also in the photography industry in particular. While today people just whip out their smartphone quickly to take a cool photo that can be instantly posted on social media or easily turned into a photo product, photos used to be simply submitted as a film cartridge. Everything that is digital today was very different in the past.

    The Sonntagsmagazin issue dated 8 September 1985 has an impressive article about developing films in the photo memory factory at Photocolor (now ifolor). Philipp Schwarz was also interviewed and provided some interesting insights.

    One of these was that, in 1985, the average Swiss person took 2.2 reels of film a year, corresponding to around 50 photos. Another was that the most popular subjects of photographs back then were people, with most focusing on family photos and, of course, also on photos of animals. The seasonal peaks from back then can still be seen today. Christmas, Easter and Whitsun were popular at the time. And the summer holiday period from July to September too, of course.

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