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    Easter basket for young and old

    Easter Basket for Big and Small

    Scarlett from “Fork and Flower” writes about her Easter basket

    Even before I became a mom, for me, making gifts has been a wonderful experience. And now that I have a baby (pardon me, toddler), I am making gifts left and right! My excuse is that the little one “needs” so many things… From everyday clothes to functional items such as rubber boots, books, toys, tableware… You’re never done shopping when you have a child. Even as a (self-proclaimed) “minimalist in the making” (I have recently started working on it), it’s still hard to avoid having to make certain purchases. The wonderful thing about gifts for the little ones is that they don’t have to be that outlandish. Kids are perfectly content to simply unwrap something. Even if it happens to be an old sock!

    A photo puzzle of Scarlett and her child

    In spite of all this, I wanted to come up with something for Easter. I love making little gift baskets and crafting Easter baskets is the perfect opportunity. For E’s Easter basket, I went with roughly the following theme: there should be something meaningful and something for every day use that we need anyway, something to play with, and something to wear. And, of course, everything in nice pastel shades. As a happy memory and at the same time to have something we can play with time and again, I ordered a puzzle made from a photo of E and me on ifolor. We love to try out new things, and at the moment we enjoy doing puzzles very much. The little basket also includes a “fabric chick” we found at the zoo in Amsterdam, an extra large bath bomb in the shape of an egg from Lush, practical egg-shaped sidewalk chalk from Manor, a rabbit ears cap from Stadtlandkind, soap bubbles (E is just crazy about bubbles!), and a cute pair of sunglasses. To sum it all up: a lot to discover!

    There are many ways to sweeten up your Easter celebration.

    But honestly, kids aren’t the only ones who like receiving gifts. What about the adults? Easter is a time to spend with family. For countless invitations inviting adults to our Easter celebration, I have a (slightly simpler) recipe for success: chocolate, naturally (but not one of the run-of-the-mill chocolate bunnies), a bouquet of spring flowers, and a (framed) picture (of the child, very popular with the grandparents) always work.

    Tip – Easter basket essentials

    The Easter baskets can of course be packed individually. Anyone is happy to receive any of the following gifts:

    • A nice Easter greeting card – preferably with pictures of the kids
    • Something sweet – there’s always a huge selection available for Easter
    • An individualised photo gift, such as a photo puzzle featuring a photo from a trip you took together
    • Something for relaxing, such as bath accessories, a cuddly blanket, or a good book

    You can find more ideas for your Easter baskets here.

    What are you going to put in your own Easter baskets for big and small?

    I hope I could give you some inspiration and wish you all the best with your Easter preparations.



    Scarlett of “Fork and Flower”

    Scarlett from “Fork and Flower”

    Scarlett from Fork & Flower is passionate about being a mom. As a self-proclaimed foodie, she shares creative food recipes created in the kitchen on her blog. She writes about brilliant craft ideas for you on our inspire blog and provides inspiration for our everyday lives.

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