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a romantic photo garland for valentine's

A romantic Photo Garland for Valentine's day

Really easy and highly personal: surprise your loved one with a customised wall decoration

It’s that time again on 14th February. People celebrate Valentine’s Day in many countries all over the world and do something lovely for their loved ones. How about a gift that lasts longer than flowers but is just as easy to get hold of? You can do precisely this with the ifolor photo garland and really impress your loved one.

Finding the photos

Take a few minutes and browse through the photos on your smartphone first. You’re sure to already find a few great memories here. Then continue the search on your computer with a cup of tea or coffee, if you have more photos on there. You will soon have a selection of photos of shared holidays, parties, trips and snapshots together and other “do you remember that” moments.

Ordering the photos

Order the selected photos as retro prints fast and easy with ifolor. A few days after you have ordered them the photos will land in your letterbox.

DIY photo garland: romantic gift idea for valentine's


Now the fun part: take a thick thread or cord, a few small nails and as many clips as you have photos. Tap the nails into the wall and link them with the string. Whether you create a wild pattern or simple lines on the wall is up to you. Recommendation: Always wrap the string round the nail once to make the photo garland more stable. Now all you have to do is hang up the photos on the string using the clips. Sorted!


Make the decorating a fun experience, colourful strings, washing pegs, shoelaces, little pins, hairbands, there are no limits to your creativity!

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